Launch of Local Enterprise Offices

Let’s Talk Business . . .

  • What’s New…………………..?

Local Enterprise Office is the new name for the County and City Enterprise Boards.

The Local Enterprise Office is a new national resource, staffed with professional people with business training, to assist budding entrepreneurs and existing businesses in every county in Ireland.

For 2014, LEOs have in excess of €18m in capital funding for supporting micro enterprises – of this €3.5m will support new services, with a focus on young entrepreneurs (under 30s).

The new Local Enterprise Offices will have more staff as they are joined by Local Authority staff and newly qualified graduates recruited to help local businesses. is the new client-focused website providing information about all national and local supports and events for local business.

A new web-based tool will guide anyone with a business idea to where they may get financial support.

We are your business connection into the Local Authority, Enterprise Ireland and all State agencies that can help grow your business.

The LEO combines the expertise of Enterprise Ireland with the broad reach of the Local Authority.

We are bringing our business knowledge and supports into your Local Authority to deliver a more streamlined service for our clients.

We will develop local enterprise plans putting micro and small business at the heart of job creation locally

New Protocols have been developed with key agencies, such as Revenue, Dept of Social Protection, Education and Training Boards, Skillnets etc. Microfinance Ireland and the Credit Review Office to ensure you will have access to all Government supports.

Enterprise Ireland will ensure that the best practice from other LEOs will be rolled out across the country.

  • Who Can We Help?

Anyone with a business idea or who already has an established business that is looking for information, advice, referral to other supports, guidance on ‘how to start your own business’ – or maybe needs training, mentoring or financial assistance.

With a customer charter, dedicated training new web materials and service protocols with other agencies, we will be the first stop shop for anyone with a business idea.

The Local Enterprise Office is for anybody interested in starting up a new business, or already in business, including; first time or young entrepreneurs, early stage promoters, start-ups and micro and small businesses looking to expand.

The Local Enterprise Office will encourage people to think positively about starting and growing a business locally, in particular motivating young people locally to start their own business.

  • What’s on Offer?

Our Mission is to promote entrepreneurship, foster business start-ups and develop existing micro and small businesses to drive job creation and to provide accessible high quality supports for your business ideas.

Small businesses face a host of barriers to success, including: not knowing where to find information and resources; weak management, access to finance or lack of marketing and business planning skills. Helping to overcome these challenges are among the many ways that Local Enterprise Offices will serve the practical needs of people in business.

We will provide strategic, administrative, technical and financial support and services to start, grow and develop micro and small business in each local area.

With 31 dedicated teams across the Local Authority network in Ireland, Local Enterprise Offices offer a wide range of experience, skills and services to turn your business idea into a business.

Through its information and advice service, including its new website, the Local Enterprise Office will connect people to all the appropriate information available in the State that they need to start grow and succeed in business.

We will continue to provide grants to those with the potential to export.

The Local Enterprise Offices have access to the full range of expertise in Enterprise Ireland with the establishment of a new Centre of Excellence to guarantee ‘best practice’ service and staff training nationally.

We can provide access to the specialist expertise in Enterprise Ireland for businesses in a particular sector, or with innovation and export potential.

We will provide access to the full range of financial supports available to business in the State including direct referral to the Microfinance Ireland loan scheme for businesses that have been turned down by the banks.

As well as advice and direct supports, the Local Enterprise Office will promote a pro-enterprise culture locally, by organising enterprise events, supporting local business networks and working with local Chambers and other organisations, schools etc.

We will be to the forefront in promoting entrepreneurship through the schools as well as through the National Enterprise Awards.

We will help existing businesses tap in to their potential to expand their business through mentoring, training, advice, information and where eligible, direct financial aid.