Local Enterprise Offices partner with NSAI to provide Standards Workshops for Steel Fabricators

Since their establishment in April 2014, the Local Enterprise Offices have worked with a number of key state agencies and government departments, including the Department of Finance & Department of Communications to deliver a variety of new services to enhance the competitiveness, sustainability, development and growth of Irish SMEs. The Local Enterprise Offices are now partnering with the NSAI (National Standards Authority of Ireland) to ensure the continued competitiveness of companies supplying the construction sector, in particular Steel Fabrication Companies.

The construction industry is facing one of the most significant changes for a decade. Since July 2013 CE Marking for construction products, covered by a harmonised European standard or conforming to a European Technical Assessment is now mandatory, and it is imperative that Irish SMEs and companies now prioritize the development of systems, processes and procedures to ensure their compliance with this regulation which will turn will develop their competitiveness and help sustain employment.

Seminars aimed at giving companies a direct insight from industry experts into the steel fabrication process are taking place over the coming weeks as follows:

  • January 21st Co Carlow
  • January 29th Co Cavan
  • February 4th Co Cork
  • February 18th Co Mayo

Sean Balfe, Director of Sustainability and Built Environment from the NSAI, will be present at all four seminars. The Local Enterprise Offices are pleased to be partnering with the NSAI to deliver these essential workshops for companies effected by the introduction of the standard.  Speaking about the seminar Mary White, Manager Standards & Business Support in NSAI  said  “NSAI has a database of over 23,000 national, European and international standards and it is vital that Irish companies make use of these standards so as to improve their operating processes, drive efficiencies and meet regulatory requirements.  These seminars will inform steel fabricators about the European Construction Products Regulations along with the associated standards and will also provide an opportunity for peer learning”.

See the event brochure for details on this event.