RTÉ One and Lidl announce The Taste of Success

Turn your Food Passion into a €100,000 Prize!

Imagine turning your passion for food into a life changing career? RTÉ One and Lidl Ireland have launched an incredible new competition that could net the winner a prize worth at least €100,000, including a massive €50,000 in cash for coming up with the next great Irish food product.

A new RTÉ One series, The Taste of Success, will see members of the public and local producers compete to get their unique food product on the shelves of Lidl Ireland’s 140 supermarkets.

“This is a life changing prize,” said Lidl brand ambassador Paul Flynn. “And it’s testament to the passion Lidl have for Irish food. This is a massive investment and commitment to Irish producers.”

But this competition is open to anyone at all who has a wonderful food idea. So it might be your granny’s delicious bread recipe, a tasty new jam or sauce combination you’ve concocted or your special occasion desert. You might have dreamed up an innovative new health food product or it could even be your own home brew! It can be any food category you like - the most important thing is that entrants must submit their own unique product.

Just go to www.rte.ie/food for an application form or follow on @RTEfood Or you could watch Paul Flynn on https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NOjRgHMrptc Closing date for applications is Wednesday June 11th 2014.

Your unique food product could net you a prize worth at least €100,000. This includes a €50,000 cash prize, a 3% royalty on the product while it’s listed in Lidl – for a minimum of 6 months, to a value of at least €25,000 but potentially more if the product continues to sell – and €25,000 product development and marketing support.

 “Food production and exports are now a hugely important part of the Irish economy,” said Colm Crowley, Head of Production at RTÉ Cork, the team making the 8 part series. “This competition offers a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to someone who could ultimately make their career in food production and potentially create new jobs.”

“If you have a brilliant concept, this is a chance to make it a reality,” said Paul Flynn. “But it’s very difficult to turn a concept into a brilliant product. What this process will do is take you by the hand and test quality, taste and ask if it can be up-scaled to sell at the right price. But make no mistake, this will be a very big challenge.”