Small businesses across the country are gearing up to take advantage of Local Enterprise Week 2024 as the full schedule of events has been announced. The initiative of the Local Offices will see over 350 events take place across the country from the 4th to 8th March and they are open to everyone at any stage of business.

There are events for every element of business from improving your online marketing and finding new markets to becoming more sustainable and identifying the trends that will affect your business in the coming years and beyond.

The week gives budding entrepreneurs who may have business idea and those who have been in business a while, the opportunity to improve their business and find out what supports are available to them. Some of the events include a Pitch Battle for funding, networking with cocktails, a Pier-to-Pier networking walk and a host of AI events to benefit businesses.Local Enterprise Week 005.jpg

There are several well known faces taking part in Local Enterprise Week 2024 including Olympian and Entrepreneur Derval O’Rourke, broadcaster Richard Curran, entrepreneur and broadcaster Anna Daly, international journalist and editor Anne-Marie Tomchak, Donegal manager Jim McGuinness, Mayo football legend Cora Staunton and former politician and broadcaster Ivan Yates.

John Magee, Chair of the Local Enterprise Office network, said; “Local Enterprise Week is a fantastic week for anyone with a business or maybe thinking of starting a business in the future. It gives them the chance to build their network, find out about what supports are available to them and most of all learn from the expertise that will be on show across the country. Whether they want to cut costs, create a more sustainable business or understand trends and how AI can positively impact their business then there is something for everyone.”

So whether for those who have been every year and those who have never been, if you are interested in business at any level then this is for them. A full week of learning, expertise and a chance to understand the significant level of support on offer.”

Along with the events across the country there are two National Spotlight events that will be streamed live during the week and are open to everyone. The first of these “Understanding and leveraging future trends for your business” looks at the key global trends in the short term and in the next 10 years to help businesses plan and maximise opportunities around these trends.

The second National Spotlight event “The sustainability imperative for your business success” is hosted by science and environment broadcaster Liz Bonnin. It will look at how small business changes can make a big impact to both the environment and to the future success of small businesses.

Eleanor Forrest from Enterprise Ireland, said; “Enterprise Ireland is delighted to support and be involved in Local Enterprise Week. Working closely with the Local Enterprise Offices across the year, this week is a chance for small businesses to focus on key areas, the areas where they can make a real difference for their future ambitions. This may be in relation to digitalization or becoming more sustainable, or those who have ambition to grow internationally and begin to find new markets.

If you are a business who wants to grow, internationalise or innovate, then there is something for you at Local Enterprise Week and we would encourage every small business out there to see what is happening in their area this year and take that next step.”

Sonya Kavanagh, Chair of the CCMA Business Committee, said; “Local Enterprise Week is a fantastic opportunity for anybody who wants to start or grow their business to get inspired and motivated. Events taking place all week will give you insights and add to your knowledge on important topics that can make a real difference to your plans and competitiveness. The week also puts a spotlight on the range of supports, advice and information available to businesses through their Local Enterprise Office. We would urge everyone to make the most of the week and to remember that there is a Local Enterprise Office in every local authority, available year-round to help your business to thrive.”Local Enterprise Week 007.jpg

The Local Enterprise Offices located in the local authorities and funded through Enterprise Ireland support thousands of small Irish businesses and entrepreneurs nationwide. Since their establishment in 2014 they have been for the first stop shop for entrepreneurs and small businesses and providing a range of supports including financial, mentoring, training and sector specific expertise to help guide businesses at any stage of their development.

They also run key initiatives to foster entrepreneurship across the country including Local Enterprise Week,National Women’s Enterprise Day, the Student Enterprise Programme and the National Enterprise Awards. The Local Enterprise Offices are also running a campaign encouraging small businesses to save time money and energy by availing of their competitiveness and productivity supports including Green, Lean and Digital for Business. For more information on the Local Enterprise Offices go to

Details for all the events taking place across the country during Local Enterprise Week, from March 6th to 10th, are available at

National Spotlight Events (Online & Free to attend)

Wednesday 6th March – 2.00pm to 4.00pm


As a business owner, it is impossible to predict the future. However, some business can be more prepared than others. Get a glimpse into the future at this year’s Local Enterprise Week with a national spotlight that will focus on new international trends and where they can transform into opportunities for your business.

Technology expert, futurist and digitalization specialist Nancy Rademaker will lead this event giving businesses an insight on where the world is headed. What are the key areas you should be looking at for your business and how is business going to be different in 20 years’ time.

She will then be followed by Trendhunter’s Ady Floyd. She works with over 40 international brands on assessing current and future trends and seeing where the opportunity lies for businesses. She will look at the 18 Megatrends that will shape the future of business and the economy and where there your business can leverage trends to help your own products and services.

Thursday 7th March – 12.00PM TO 1.30PM


When a company conducts its business without harming people or planet, that is business sustainability. And you are safeguarding the future of your business in the process. If you're not part of the solution, "you're part of the problem.”

World renowned science, natural history & environmental broadcaster Liz Bonnin takes us through the many ways in which businesses any sector or size can look to change the way they operate to be more sustainable and have a smaller environmental footprint while leading to business cost savings in areas such as energy consumption, waste disposal, and insurance premiums.

This is a must not miss Spotlight Event for any business who wants to become more sustainable and learn how to take those first steps.