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Missed one of our ‘Lunch & Learn’ webinars? You’ll find the full series below, ready to watch on demand.

Get insights, top tips and expert advice for your small business - brought to you by your Local Enterprise Office.

HR: managing & motivating your staff

Ensuring you have a proactive HR plan for your people during the COVID-19 crisis is critical to ensure you maximise productivity, morale and business continuity.

In this video, Greg Fry interview Caroline McEnery of The HR Suite who has lots of top tips for employers around legal obligations, retention Planning, manpower and productivity management, remote working as well as planning return to work in line with your business strategy.

How Local Enterprise Offices can help your Business

Local Enterprise Offices have a whole range of supports to help your business respond to the current crisis.

In this video, Greg Fry interviews Oisín Geoghegan and Orla Martin of the Local Enterprise Offices, to find out more about the Business Continuity Voucher, COVID-19 mentoring, Microfinance Ireland loans, online training and the expanded Trading Online Voucher Scheme

Managing cashflow during & after the crisis

Cashflow is the lifeblood of any business, especially during and after a crisis.

In this video, Greg Fry interviews Blaise Brosnan (a Management Development Trainer with MRI Wexford) and Padraic McElwee (Local Enterprise Offices) to discuss cashflow, preserving working capital, what the ‘twilight’ period is and how to strategically position your business over the next three years.

Doing Business online and supports to help

Want to do more business online? What do you need to have in place and what supports can help you?

In this video, Greg Fry interviews Keith Feighrey (Digital Insights) and Marcella Rudden (Local Enterprise Offices) to run through the website checklist - from website speeds to being more mobile friendly and from having great compressed imagery to writing engaging content, optimised for search.

PLUS - learn more about the Trading Online Voucher Scheme from the Local Enterprise Offices, which can help businesses (with up to 10 employees) achieve more online.

Returning to the Workplace Safely

As part of the roadmap for reopening society and business, returning to the workplace safely is a key priority for all businesses. So, what can you do now to prepare?

In this video, Greg Fry interviews Paul Turner (National Standards Authority of Ireland) to take us through the Workplace Protection and Improvement Guide and the Retail Protection and Improvement Guide. Greg also speaks with Kevin Curran (Local Enterprise Offices) to discuss the types of supports available for businesses.

Innovate to adapt your business in 2020

To adapt, small businesses must continue to innovate but what innovation supports can help? 

In this video, Greg Fry interviews Joe Madden (Enterprise Ireland) who explains how small businesses can successfully innovate, along with the supports that are available, such as the Agile Innovation Fund and the Innovation Voucher.  

Greg also speaks with Breda Fox (Local Enterprise Offices) about the Feasibility Study Grant and Brendan McGrath of Merris Engineering in Galway, who successfully applied to the Agile Innovation Fund to help build a new prototype.

Help for Starting Your Own Business

When one door closes, another one opens - so starting up a new business could become a viable option for many in 2020.

But how do you get started and what are the common mistakes and pitfalls to avoid?  What supports are out there from training to mentoring to funding?

In this video, Greg Fry interviews Noel Davidson (Entrepreneurs Academy) about what steps to take when planning or starting your own business.

Greg also speaks with Vibeke Delahunt (Local Enterprise Offices) about government supports that are available and to Fashion Designer, Aoife McNamara of Aoife Ireland, who successfully started up her own business in 2019

The Restart Grant from your Local Authority

In this video, Greg Fry interviews Michael Walsh (County and City Management Association) to explain how businesses that pay commercial rates can apply for the new Restart Grant, through Local Authorities.

Greg also speaks with Oisín Geoghegan (Chair of the network of 
Local Enterprise Offices) about the supports that are available for small businesses through the Local Enterprise Offices, such as loans, grants, training and mentoring.

Plus, two Enterprise Ireland supports – the Sustaining Enterprising Fund for Small Business and the Business 
Financial Planning Grant – are also highlighted for manufacturing companies or internationally-traded services companies that employ more than 10 people

Supports for Food & Drink Producers

On the menu….for those thinking of starting a new food or drink business, or those looking for opportunities to grow an existing one, what programmes and supports can help get their business to the next level?

In this video, we’ve got plenty of food for thought from the industry experts as Greg Fry interviews James Burke (James Burke & Associates), Jo Davey (Absolute Nutrition) and Tomás Hayes (Local Enterprise Office).

Plus, find out more about the Food Academy Programme, which is run by the Local Enterprise Offices, SuperValu and Bord Bia.

Health Safety and HR:  Supports for Reopening

As we move towards the end of the Recovery Roadmap, what steps should business owners take to ensure that their teams can return to work safely? And from a HR perspective, how can we help employees adapt to the new work environment?

In this video, Greg Fry interviews Joanne Harmon (Health & Safety Authority), Alan Hickey (Peninsula HR) and Michael Tunney (Local Enterprise Office) to get their expert advice.

Plus, find out what helpful year-round supports are available from the Health & Safety Authority and the Local Enterprise Offices.

Financial Supports for Small Businesses, Start-Ups & Sole Traders

Show me the money….for businesses who are looking to reopen their doors or entrepreneurs who want to start up, this webinar looks at all the information you need to know on the Financial Supports available to you.

In this video, Greg Fry chats to Siobhan Lawlor (Department of Employment Affairs and Social Enterprise) and Elaine Moyles (Local Enterprise Office) to discuss the wide range of financial supports available to employers and budding entrepreneurs in the small business sector. This includes information on Welfare supports available through Intreo along with the grants and funding available through your Local Enterprise Office to start and grow your small business.

Learn how to sell: steps to winning more sales

Sales will always be the lifeblood of every business, so why not step out of your comfort zone and learn how to change your mindset and message to win more sales for your business?

In this video, Greg Fry interviews Sean Weafer ( International Sales Communications Coach), Jo Browne (Jo Browne in Carlow) and Marcella Rudden of the Local Enterprise Offices, finding out how to identify and solve problems for your clients by connecting, influencing and engaging with them.

Plus, find out what key supports are available from the Local Enterprise Offices to help you along the way.

Go Online & Sell Online

Staying at home and working from home have changed our online habits for good. There has been a surge in web traffic and ecommerce sales, as customers and potential customers search for goods and services to buy online in record numbers.

In this video, Greg Fry finds out how to get your business online to sell online, with insights and advice from Noel Davidson (Entrepreneurs Academy), Aisling Flanagan (Velvet Cloud in Mayo) and Paul McGuirk (Local Enterprise Office Cork City).

Competitive Start Fund & other start-up supports

Getting the right supports at the right time can accelerate the growth of your start-up. We take a look at Enterprise Ireland’s €2million Competitive Start Fund.

What are the benefits, what businesses are eligible and how can your start-up apply? We’ll also be taking a closer look at the supports for start-ups through your Local Enterprise Office.

In this video, Greg Fry interviews Teri Smith (Enterprise Ireland), Wendy Oke (TeachKloud) and Thomas McEvoy (Local Enterprise Office Louth). 

Employment Wage Subsidy Scheme & Debt Warehousing

The new Employment Wage Subsidy Scheme (EWSS) and Debt Warehousing were two key taxation measures announced in the July Jobs Stimulus package. As the Temporary Wage Subsidy Scheme (TWSS) is ending, how will EWSS work and who is eligible to apply? What does Debt Warehousing mean for small business owners and which tax liabilities can be “parked” interest-free for 12 months?

In this video, Greg Fry interviews Anne Dullea, Karen Byrne & Pat O’ Shea from the Revenue Commissioners. We also hear from Michael Nevin from the Local Enterprise Offices, about the enterprise supports that are aimed at small businesses.

€300 million Restart Grant Plus

The Restart Plus Grant scheme is open for applications, with more businesses and sectors eligible to apply for a cash grant from local authorities.

If a business already received a cash grant in the first scheme, can they get a second cash grant now? And for businesses with commercially rateable premises, that employ up to 250 employees, can they apply now even if they haven’t re-opened yet?

In this video, Greg Fry interviews Louise Magner (Limerick City & County Council), Peter Morrow (Skylark Electric Stairs – grant recipient) and Breda Fox (Local Enterprise Office Galway) to find out what types of businesses can apply for the Restart Plus Grant, what you can use the grant for and how you can apply ahead of the closing date.

How Brexit will change your supply chain?

Many products require CE marking before they can be sold in the EU, so how will Brexit affect your supply chain and CE marking when it comes to your products?

In this video, Greg Fry interviews Mary White (National Standards Authority of Ireland) to find out how to CE mark your products and what the role and responsibilities of an economic operator will be.

Greg also speaks with Joe English (Local Enterprise Office Meath) to find out
what supports are available from your Local Enterprise Office, to help your business get ready.

Lean for Micro - Optimising Your Business

Now more than ever businesses need to be operating to their maximum potential, whether that is making their production more efficient, creating a seamless user experience online or simply creating a simplified workflow. These can all make a huge difference to a business and its bottom line.

In this video Greg Fry talks with Enterprise Ireland Lean Advisor, Robert Hernan, on what exactly Lean for Micro is and what it can do. He also chats with Managing Director Aine Gleeson on the impacts Lean had on her business, and LEO Clare’sPadraic McElwee on why Lean is a no-brainer for every business out there no matter what your sector.

Mentoring-How it can change your business

As a small business owner there are challenges around every corner and it can be difficult when you do not have the expertise or a business partner to run ideas off. This is where a business mentor can make a huge difference.

In this video Noel Davidson interviews Greg Swift of Local Enterprise Office Dublin City and experienced Business Mentor, Carol Cousins on the benefits availing of a Local Enterprise Office supported mentor can bring. Fergus McMahon from Enterprise Ireland also discusses the new Sustaining Enterprise Fund and how small businesses can apply for it

Brexit & Customs – What you need to know before Jan 1st

Change is coming for those who trade into, out of or through the UK. That is confirmed and will take effect from Jan 1st. Companies need to prepare for this deadline to ensure their business will not be affected by these changes

In this video Greg Fry talks to Carol Lynch of BDO on the LEO Prepare Your Business for Customs workshop and why every small businesses need to take it. He also talks with LEO client Pamela Laird of Moxi Loves on why she got Brexit Ready and Michael Tunney from LEO Donegal discusses the Brexit support options available.

HR: managing your business in challenging times

From remote working to remote recruiting to remote employee wellbeing, we take a look at some of the biggest HR challenges that small businesses are likely to face in the coming months and how best to manage them.

In this video, Greg Fry interviews Caroline McEnery (The HR Suite), Helen Dooley (CR Payroll) and Fiona Deegan (Local Enterprise Offices) to get their expert advice and insights.

Plus, find out more about the new Irish Business Design Challenge and how companies can win a share of the €50,000 prize fund.

Preparing for Brexit 

The new supports available to your business

Brexit is fast approaching and the time for companies to make changes to minimise the impact is running out. Ahead of December 31st the webinar looks at what companies need to do and how to do it.

In this video Greg Fry talks to Emer O’Byrne from Enterprise Ireland on the new supports available from them for small companies in particular the new Readiness Checker tool. He also talks with LEO Sligo’s John Reilly on what small companies should be doing right now and in the coming weeks and LEO Wicklow client Hubbcat discuss what measures they have taken to avoid a Brexit fallout.


What has changed for small business & new supports

Brexit has happened and things have changed with how small businesses trade with the UK. This webinar looks at that and how companies are adapting.

In this video Greg Fry talks to Minister Robert Troy T.D. who gives an overview of the new changes, how this is affecting companies and what they can do to ensure a smooth transition. He also talks with LEO Dublin City client, Pamela Laird of Moxi Loves. The Apprentice UK star discusses how her company prepared for Brexit and gives tips to others that may be affected while LEO Donegal’s Michael Tunney discusses the supports that are there in the LEOs for clients post Brexit.

Green for Micro

Why green for business is good for business

 As business priorities change, more and more companies are going green for both cost and sustainable benefits. This webinar looks at why green for business is good for business.

In this video Greg Fry talks to Kathleen O’Regan from Enterprise Ireland who is driving the green agenda for companies across the country. She outlines what supports are there for companies who want to go green and the benefits that can bring including Green for Micro. He also talks to Pascal Gillard from Jinny’s Bakery in Leitrim who has been through the programme while Joe Lowe from LEO Leitrim outlines how small companies can take the first step. 

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