National Enterprise Awards 2024 - Lets Meet our Finalists

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LEO Dublin City – Drink Botanicals

Dublin City - Drink Botanicals Ireland Ltd-9992.jpg

Drink Botanicals is a leading supplier of premium dried garnishes, natural-based syrups, and cocktail ancillaries. With global expansion, they've found success in international markets such as the UK and US via Amazon and secured a UAE distribution contract. Committed to excellence, they stand out by delivering only top-quality products.

Promoters: Laura McCarthy E: W:

LEO Dún Laoghaire-Rathdown -  The Black Stuff

Dun Laoghaire - The Black Stuff Ltd-9884.jpg

The Black Stuff hand craft natural soaps and deodorants 54 products at a time in their Dublin workshop. Starting in the founders kitchen, they now have a team of 10 making 10k soaps a week. With 15k five star reviews it is one of the most highly rated mens care businesses on the planet.

Promoters:John Larkin E: W:

LEO Fingal – PRM Assist

Fingal - PRM Assist-9932.jpgPRM Assist is a global leader in innovative Passenger with Reduced Mobility (PRM) services within airport environments. Their solutions include PRM Connect, a groundbreaking API for seamless accessibility bookings; PRM Assist Portal, offering comprehensive data analytics for efficient operations; and a user-friendly mobile app empowering passengers to request assistance and engage with airports. While focusing primarily on the UK and Ireland, they have expanded into the Middle East and plan to reach the US, Canada, and beyond.

Promoters: Conor Halpin E: W:

LEO South Dublin - Smart Studio designSouth Dublin - Smart Studio-0228.jpg

Smart Studio design, manufacture & install audio studios which are used in the Music, Film, Post-Production, Gaming and Animation industries. They have developed a modular-based technique which allows for a rapid and simplified installation, and studios are used by clients who require critical audio facilities operating to the highest international studio standards.

Promoter: Jim Dunne E: W:

LEO Clare - One-Use Harm Reduction Products
Clare - Atlantic Clinical Packaging Ltd (T-A One - Use Harm Reduction Products-0202.jpg
One-Use Harm Reduction Products develops and provides products to drug addiction services around the world that reduce the risks of contracting bacterial and viral infections among people suffering from addiction. These products are sold in over ten countries around the world.

Promoters: Michael Considine E: W:

LEO Kerry - Valentia Island Vermouth

Kerry - Valentia Island Vermouth-0125.jpg
Valentia Island Vermouth is the first Irish vermouth, it is a handcrafted, artisan premium multi-award winning vermouth, supplying Michelin star restaurants, premium cocktail bars and restaurants and 5 star hotels across Ireland. It is available in good independent retailers and select multiples. The Company is exporting to the US this year having secured accounts in DC and New York City.

Promoters: Anna & Orla Snook O’Carroll E: W:

LEO Limerick – Monarú

Limerick - Monarú-0180.jpg
Monarú is a Design and Production Company based in Limerick City. They use a combination of digital fabrication and traditional craft to design and produce all of their projects. They specialise in contemporary plywood furniture, but also develop 3D sculptures, props and sets for the Film and TV industry.

Promoters: Michael McLaughlin E: W:

LEO Tipperary – Nutshed

Tipperary - Nutshed Ltd-9955.jpgFounded by sisters Evie and Eliza Ward, Nutshed specializes in award-winning craft peanut butters and plant-based treats. Starting as a market stall, it now thrives internationally, with exports as far as South Korea, and is known for pioneering flavoured peanut butters in lreland. Available in 600+ stores nationwide, their dedication to quality and innovation continues to drive their success.

Promoters: Eliza and Evie Ward E: info@ W:

LEO Kildare – DREAMDEV Technologies


Kildare - DreamDev Technologies Ltd-0274.jpg
DREAMDEV is a modern, innovative, technology-first business partner, specialising in the application of modern software engineering practices to drive business transformation for their clients. DREAMDEV's flagship product, dot-star, empowers software engineering teams to deliver exceptional results with significantly reduced resource requirements.

Promoters: Eoin Barry E: W:

LEO Laois – Dunmasc Genetics

Laois - Dunmasc Genetics Ltd-0329.jpg
Founded in 2014 by Laois native Stephen Dowling, Dunmasc Genetics has established itself as a leader in the training, sales, and service of bovine genetic products in Ireland and internationally. The company has an ambitious growth plan which will see an expansion of its overseas market which currently includes Holland, Latvia, Spain, Italy, Turkey, Kazakhstan, China, Vietnam, and Malaysia.

Promoters: Stephen Dowling E: W:

LEO Offaly - Network and Infrastructure Support (NIS)

Offaly - Network and Infrastructure Support Ltd-0521.jpg
NIS is a leading nationwide supplier of IT Products and services. With a diverse customer base including SMEs, government departments and commercial businesses, NIS offers customers the highest standards in IT Support and deployment services encompassing all aspects of IT equipment, hardware, software, cloud products, WiFi /network installations, and upgrades.

Promoters: Gerry Buckley E: GBUCKLEY@NIS.IE W:

LEO Westmeath - Watt Footprint

Westmeath - Watt Footprint Ltd-9761.jpgWatt Footprint is leading a revolution in the energy sector with its advanced proprietary software and state of-the-art technology platform. Incorporating AI and machine learning with the advanced integration of meter data, coupled with the automation of bill reading and interpretation, Watt Footprint enables businesses to regain control over their energy usage and cost. This breakthrough solution offers the unparalleled convenience of having a fully fledged remote energy management team's expertise accessible at their fingertips, setting a new standard for energy efficiency and cost management in the business world.

Promoters: Paul O Reilly & Paul Mahon E: W:

LEO Cork City – Rebel City Distillery

Cork City - Rebel City Distillery-0441.jpg
Rebel City Distillery, established in June 2020, stands as Cork's inaugural distillery in fifty years. Located within a refurbished Ford factory that had lain dormant since 1984, their award-winning sustainable distillery and visitor centre embody the essence of Cork's maritime legacy. Influenced by this heritage, their spirits are crafted with a global perspective, offering a distinct and captivating range celebrated internationally.

Promoters: Robert Barrett & Bhagya Barrett E: W:

LEO Cork North & West – Wildberry Bakery

Cork N & S - Toirtin Ltd T-A Wildberry Bakery-0400.jpg
Wildberry Bakery is a gluten-free bakery based in West Cork. Their ethos is to create cakes which are bursting with flavour through the combination of high-quality ingredients and time-honoured baking practices. Wildberry Bakery currently supply the 32 counties through their partnership with food service distributors and Dunnes Stores Simply Better.

Promoters: Susan Robbins Fehilly & Tom Fehilly E: W:

LEO South Cork - The Feed Ducks Initiative

South Cork - Feed the Ducks Initiative Ltd-0619.jpg
The Feed Ducks Initiative is an International Environmental Initiative that partners with government authorities to make Duck Feeding in public parks more sustainable. They bring their solar powered, contactless, duck food dispensers free of charge to parks for communities to use instead of feeding environmentally damaging alternatives such as bread.

Promoters: Matthew Knight E: W:

LEO Waterford - Expat Taxes

Waterford - Expat Taxes Ltd-0069.jpg
Expat Taxes is a boutique Irish tax practice that simplifies taxes for people moving to or from Ireland. As Chartered Tax Advisers and Chartered Accountants with over 15 years experience they are experts in expatriate tax.

Promoters: Stephanie Wickham E: W:

LEO Carlow - Eskimo Software

Carlow - Eskimo Software Ltd-0499.jpg
Eskimo Software is an integrated CRM and lead generation package for car dealerships which captures leads from multiple sources, automates CRM workflows, provides instant overviews of sales process and performance and is proven to help dealerships increase their sales by up to 20%. It has clients in six countries.

Promoters: Conor Moran E: W:

LEO Kilkenny – MindaClient

Kilkenny - MindaClient-0580.jpg
MindaClient is a Kilkenny based software platform that provides tailored solutions to businesses and organisations. Their key products are Scholarship management, Counselling software systems, tailored CRM solutions. They trade locally, nationally and internationally.

Promoters: Brian Kelly & Robert Downes E: W:

LEO Wexford – Biostor Ireland

Wexford - Biostor Ireland Ltd-0202.jpg
Biostor Ireland is a technologically advanced bio storage facility for the certified storage and worldwide distribution of human biological material for use in human clinical applications and in scientific research. They are at the global cutting edge of certified and regulated bio-storage and bio-distribution with continual innovation driving their success!

Promoters: Ger McCabe E: W:

LEO Wicklow - Brady’s Coffee.

Wicklow - Irish Decal Products (Bradys Coffee)-0744.jpg

Brady’s Coffee provides a range of 25 coffees and teas. BARE Roasters & Brewers has ten speciality coffees & natural sparkling canned Cold Brew. All ethically sourced, expertly roasted speciality coffee with an international bestseller, Irish Whiskey Barrel Aged Coffee. Murphy’s Soap range offers seven handmad e cold pressed natural scents.

Promoters: Craig, Catherine & Darren Brady E: W:

LEO Donegal - Living Green

Donegal - Living Green-0157.jpg
Living Green offers diverse environmentally friendly and health-enhancing products, promoting sustainable living and well-being. Their product range includes certified organic compost, organic wormcast, wheatgrass products, and frozen health shots. Located in Quigley's Point, County Donegal, they supply nationwide and export to the UK.

Promoters: Neil Crossan E: W:

LEO Leitrim - Leitrim Hill Creamery

Leitrim - Leitrim Hill Creamery-0768.jpg
Leitrim Hill Creamery fosters a connection between the land, the community, and tradition by creating artisanal dairy products that tell a story of people, a place, and a time.

Promoters: Richelle South & Gypsy Gifford E: W:

LEO Longford – Harp Media

Longford - Harp Media-9974.jpg
Harp Media is an award-winning Longford-based film production, digital content and film training company established in 2018. Their core product is developing feature length films for theatrical release, helping brands and companies communicate their stories cinematically and running training initiatives in all areas of filmmaking.

Promoters: Robert Higgins and Patrick McGivney E: W:

LEO Sligo – Sleater Solutions

Sligo - Sleater & Co Electrical & Automation Systems Ltd. T-A Sleater Solutions-0366.jpg
Sleator Solutions are recognised industry experts in the provision of engineering, automation, and software solutions for national and international customers in the food and beverage, manufacturing, automotive, medical device and pharmaceutical and sectors.

Promoters: Shane Kelly E: W:

LEO Cavan -  My Farewell Wishes

My Farewell Wishes enhances funeral pre-planning via a nationwide network of funeral homes, offering physical and digital tools for seamless, home-based planning. They provide funeral directors with CRM systems for managing inquiries and enable individuals to update their plans online, ensuring security through an independent trust for prepayments and boosting local pre-planning awareness with targeted digital marketing.

Promoters: Colm Kieran & Dean Gammell E: W:

LEO Louth –  ZOMA

Louth - Marketing for Me Ltd t-a ZOMA-0099.jpg
ZOMA is a multi-award-winning marketing and creative agency. Their team specialises in taking brands to new heights, in particular online. They have recently launched Munchd which is an online food ordering system which will cause massive disruption to the hospitality industry due to their competitive offering and quality customer service.

Promoters: David Kieran E: W:

LEO Meath - Booka Technologies

Meath - Booka Technologies Ltd-9783.jpg
Booka is an events platform that makes company event planning more streamlined and strategic. Their platform currently facilitates the booking of almost 100 vendor services, with transparent pricing and availability as well as secure payment. They are in the process of building invite automation, engagement features, and detailed metrics & reporting.

Promoters: Donnchadh Healy E: W:

LEO Monaghan - Nomad Counters

Monaghan - McAdam Consulting Services T-A Nomad Counters-0066.jpg
Nomad Counters, an IoT enterprise, manufactures electronic footfall monitoring equipment for pedestrians and vehicles. Data is accessible globally through their cloud platform on smartphones, tablets, and PCs around the clock. They provide products and SaaS to customers in both Northern and Southern Ireland, with plans for global expansion.

Promoters: Allen & Julie McAdam E: W:

LEO Galway – Grá Chocolates

Galway - Gra Chocolates-0002.jpg
Grá Chocolates, where luxury meets artistry in every bite. Their handcrafted chocolates are meticulously hand-painted, transforming each piece into a miniature work of art. They use only the finest, ethically sourced ingredients, ensuring a decadent taste experience that goes beyond the ordinary. More than just chocolate, Grá Chocolates offer a delightful escape, a chance to savour Irish heritage in every flavour, and a gift that sparks joy with its beauty and deliciousness.

Promoters: Gráinne Mullins E: W:

LEO Mayo – Cytidel

Mayo - Cytidel-0123.jpg
Cytidel is a vulnerability intelligence platform that enables organisations to adopt an intelligence led approach to risk prioritisation that’s up to 95% more efficient than traditional methods. With a focus on actionable vulnerability intelligence, Cytidel is already trusted by leading global financial service providers to save analysts 10+ hours a week.

Promoters: Matt Conlon E: W:

LEO Roscommon – Posude

posude_kyle-17 copy.jpg
Posude offers customers a "one stop shop" for their business systems, to help eliminate manual tasks. Thrive, Posude's new cloud based accounting software, seamlessly integrates with its existing suite of mobile apps, allowing customers to capture mobile transactions such as orders, stock takes and van sales, in one central system.

Promoters: Kyle McLoughlin E: W: