LEW 2024 - Using AI Tools to Market Your Business

Thursday 7th March
10am to 12pm

Learn how to make use of the AI tools available to better market your business

This event is no longer available

Course Details:

Date: Thursday 7th March

Time: 10am to 12pm

Venue: Online Taster Sesssion

Course Content: 

AI is increasingly used by small business for marketing.

But what exactly is AI and how can it be used?

This taster session will consist of two elements.

Firstly, to familiarise participants with AI in marketing, we will look at how large well-known companies, such as Netflix and Amazon, use AI in ways that we all encounter daily. Secondly, we will look at practical examples of how business owners in Cavan can implement AI for their own marketing.

The session will look at content creation through free AI tools, including ChatGPT for website and social media text and Leonardo for images.

About the Trainer: 

This course will be delivered by Barry Murphy, Murphy marketing on behalf of LEO Cavan