Feasibility Grant

Feasibility Study Grants are designed to assist the promoter with researching market demand for a product or service and examining its sustainability. It includes assistance with innovation including specific consultancy requirements, hiring of expertise from third level colleges private specialists, design and prototype development.

In applying for a feasibility study the promoter should show that he/she has done sufficient preliminary research to establish that a full feasibility study is worthwhile and that there is a reasonable possibility that any substantive project emerging from the study that requires grant support to get established will be such as to fit within a current support programme.

The maximum Feasibility Study Grant payable for the BMW Region shall be 60% of the investment or €15,000 whichever is the lesser. 

Expenditure may be considered under the following headings:

  • Market Research
  • Consultancy Costs
  • Technical Development/Prototype/Innovation
  • Salary/Own Labour Research
  • Miscellaneous Costs

For eligibility see section on Eligibility Criteria