Calling Cavan Businesses that want to work better, not harder!

At our event on Monday 6th March, learn how you can make simple changes in your business that will improve efficiencies and allow you to work better, not harder.


Local Enterprise Office Cavan, as part of Local Enterprise Week 2023, will be joined by industry experts at 10am on Monday 6th March in Hotel Kilmore to hear how businesses can introduce Lean and Green practices so they can work better, not harder.


Outdated systems and business processes can slow production and ultimately reduce your business’s potential. By analysing the processes, you currently have in place and making changes to improve them you could increase productivity and in turn increase your business’ potential to grow.


The Lean for micro programme provides businesses with one-to-one advice on where they can make changes or improvements to their business. The Lean consultant will evaluate their business and then make recommendation on where improvements can be made. They will then help the business implement these changes and review the impact they have had.


Similarly, the Green for micro programme provides 2 days work with a Green consultant who will review the green credentials of your business and highlight where changes could be made to save on energy consumption and the associated costs. It could be simple changes but they could have a big impact on the energy bills at the end of each month.


It may seem like these programmes are designed for manufacturing businesses, but they are open to all sectors. Whether you are in the service, retail, or hospitality sectors, we want you to hear how Lean for Micro and Green for Micro could benefit your business, improve efficiencies, and most importantly help your business grow.


With this event, Local Enterprise Office Cavan want to make businesses aware of the supports available to them and highlight how they might benefit from them. It is a free information event where you will have the opportunity to ask questions and learn why Lean and Green is a good step for your business.


Register for the event at the link below. Places are limited so preregistration is essential. We look forward to seeing you there.

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