Customs Training

Brexit:  Prepare Your Business for Customs Workshops


Local Enterprise Offices are running ‘Prepare Your Business for Customs’ workshops throughout the year and they’re open to ALL businesses, across ALL sectors and ALL industries.

To find out what’s covered in the workshop, read the course outline here

LEO AreaDateTo BookPlaces
LEO Donegal27/10/2020Book hereAvailable
LEO Carlow30/10/2030Book hereAvailable
LEO Kildare3/11/2020Book hereAvailable
LEO Louth6/11/2020Book hereAvailable
LEO Kerry10/11/2020Book hereAvailable
LEO Waterford5/11/2020Book hereAvailable
LEO Limerick1611/2020Book hereAvailable
LEO Kilkenny 16th-17th Nov16-17th/11/2020Book hereAvailable
LEO Wicklow




Book hereAvailable
LEO Leitrim18/11/2020Book hereAvailable
LEO Cavan19/11/2020Book hereAvailable
LEO Donegal20/11/2020Book hereAvailable
LEO Mayo23/11/2020Book hereAvailable
LEO Donegal (delivered over 3 days)24/11/2020Book hereAvailable
LEO Louth30/11/2020Book hereAvailable
LEO Meath7/12/2020Book hereAvailable
LEO Carlow1/12/2020Book hereAvailable
LEO Galway3/12/2020Book hereAvailable
LEO Laois7/12/2020Book hereAvailable
LEO Limerick10/12/2020Book hereAvailable
LEO Limerick10/12/2020Book hereAvailable
LEO Cork City15/12/2020Book hereOnly 1 remaining

These one-day interactive workshops, run regionally by Local Enterprise Offices, will provide businesses with a better understanding of the potential impacts, formalities and procedures to be adopted when trading with a country which is outside the Single Market and Custom Unions (a "Third Country").  Open to all businesses, these workshops will cover areas such as what export and import procedures apply, how tarriffs work and how to correctly classify goods.

If you don’t see a workshop near you on the list below, register your interest today with your Local Enterprise Office - you’ll find their contact details here.

Brexit: Customs Insights course (online)

The Customs Insights course from Enterprise Ireland helps businesses understand the key customs concepts, documentation and processes required to move goods from, to and through the UK. The online course, which is open to companies of all sizes, will provide learners with a firm understanding of the customs implications for their business and the options from Revenue to make this process more efficient.  Take the online Customs Insights course here 

LEAN for Micro

LEAN for Micro has been adapted by Enterprise Ireland for LEO clients to help small businesses boost competitiveness, increase performance and profitability as well as building resilience within their companies. Under this programme, clients can avail of five days of consultancy with a Lean Expert (a qualified practitioner), who will work with the company to introduce lean principles, undertake a specific cost reduction project and assist the company in benchmarking its performance

Read our Lean for Micro Case study to learn more

Brexit Preparedness Checklist

The Brexit Preparedness Checklist is an important first step in helping small businesses prepare and ensure their businesses are ready for the impact by Brexit.  The Brexit Preparedness Checklist can be accessed here