Patel's - Innovative Curry Company

Patels - Innovative Curry Company

Over one year ago Raman Patel established Patel's, an innovative curry company based in Dublin, with one main goal - to make cooking curry authentic and convenient at a good price.

Raman realised the most time-consuming part of Indian cooking was the need to have a range of spices on-hand, often requiring a trip to the local store. He therefore set out to develop a kit containing the nine spices needed to make any Indian dish and included a recipe book containing his family's authentic Indian recipes. Patel's Spice Kit has received rave reviews from consumers and the company recently launched another new product, One-der Blend.

One-der Blend is a unique blend of all essential spices including garlic, ginger and chilli needed to create authentic curries. The same blend forms the base for all 10 curries, just adding different ingredients thereafter to change the type of curry.The product has been produced as two separate formats to cater for different markets. Sachets complete with a recipe booklet are available for the retail market and a larger format will be soon available for the foodservice market, alongside an app and web function that gives precise ingredient quantities and allows caterers to not only calculate their cost price easily but to make larger catering quantities of good curry with ease.

Since forming Patel's, Raman has used the services of Local Enterprise Office Fingal extensively to establish his business and his product, from the initial consultation through to mentoring, financial support and training. Raman attended the first Food Academy Start Programme, which took place earlier this year. He had the following to say on the programme;

"The Food Academy, I can say, has been the best initiative for me and my business to be involved in to date. The programme helps Irish entrepreneurs get their local produce onto national and international supermarket shelves. It gives food companies like mine the opportunity to progress from the initial start-up phases through to future planning, with a view to building a sustainable business. Overall, I would not be where I am today without the support of Local Enterprise Office Fingal."