Be Brexit Prepared

It is now just six months until the UK will withdraw from the EU and as talks continue, we still do not know whether a trade deal will be in place in advance. Either way, Brexit will have a profound impact on businesses in Ireland. Fingal Local Enterprise Office wants to ensure that our local businesses are taking the necessary measures to prepare for Brexit.

That is why we have rolled out a series of information and advisory services to help small businesses learn about how Brexit may impact them.

The first step is to complete the online Brexit scorecard. The scorecard is a self-assessment of the potential issues facing your business in relation to Brexit. Information gathered from the scorecard will assist LEO Fingal to assign a suitable mentor to meet with business owners to advise them on particular issues they may face. This service is free of charge.

We are urging small businesses that may need assistance in preparing for Brexit to contact the Local Enterprise Office so that we can outline the supports and services available. Why not make an appointment to see one of our expert advisors and complete the scorecard today.