Patents Information Seminar - Building A Business On Your Ideas

Solas Building, IT Tralee
9am to 3pm

The seminar will focus on:- how business should be aware of and can exploit the value of Intellectual Property (Patents, Trade Marks, Designs and Copyright) and the support structures that are available for small businesses and start ups from the State and Europe. PLEASE CLICK ON THE TITLE ABOVE FOR A FULL AGENDA

This event is no longer available



8:45 – 9:15



9:15 – 9:20

Welcome & Introduction

Patents Office to facilitate


9:20 – 10:20



What Intellectual Property should mean to your business?


  • Brief overview of patents, trade marks, designs and copyright
  • The importance of IP rights for your business
  • The benefits of protecting IP – examples(case studies) of good practice
  • To protect or not to protect (risks)?
  • Role of a patent-trade mark agent?


Paul Keane


European & Irish Patent Attorney

Applying for IP Rights and the importance of looking before you leap


  • IP Protection just in Ireland or abroad – considering your markets,  how and where to apply
  • Where to get more detailed information on IP
  • Why you should research existing IP in your area of business or technology.
  • Where to look e.g.– ESPACENET (Interested in a workshop after lunch?)


David Hyde

Patents Office


10:20 – 11.10




  • IP strategy as a part of Business strategy
  • IP and the Innovation cycle
  • State supports for innovative business – EI innovation, R&D commercialisation


Joe Doyle



Building a business – a practical guide


  • Business context overview, Markets, Technologies, Risk, Evaluation and Due Diligence (Research)
  • Proof of Concept – “Is my idea any good and how do I prove it?”
  • Strategies for developing and exploiting IP – tools & process - manufacture/license


Colin PopeEnterprise Ireland



11:10 – 11:30




11:30 – 11:50


EnterpriseEurope Network


How to make the most of the European marketplace

  • Advice / mentoring
  • Enterprise Europe Network in Ireland
  • Overview of available Services
  • Step by Step support for Technology Partnering


Jan Gerritsen,

EnterpriseEurope Network



11:50 - 12:15

Tom Crean Business Centre


IP and business supports through Technology Transfer




External Services

Institute of TechnologyTralee

 12:15 - 12.40

Local EnterpriseOffice, Kerry


  • How LEOs supports new ideas and businesses.


Tomás Hayes, Head of Local Enterprise Office, Kerry.

  1. 12.40:- 14:00
  • Lunch



14:00 – 15:00


Didn’t get a chance to ask a question!


Avail of One on One sessions with the following :

  • EnterpriseEurope Network
  • Tom Crean Business Centre, IT Tralee
  • Patents Office
  • Patent /Trade Mark Attorney
  • Local Enterprise Office, Kerry
  • EnterpriseIreland


ESPACENET workshop –  a demonstration from the Patents Office on how to search a free online technology database with access to 80 million patent documents