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Evaluation and Approvals Committee

The committee consists of

  • Chair (Tipperary County Manager)
  • Enterprise Ireland Representative
  • 5 individuals with specific areas of business expertise (i.e. record of entrepreneurship, accountancy experience, knowledge of markets/sectors, banking /finance and so on)

Projects being considered for financial support will be evaluated by the Evaluations and Approvals committee.

Projects will be approved in line with enterprise policy.

2019 EVAC Proposed Dates
MeetingClosing Date for   ApplicationsReview of   ApplicationsConflict of Interest   CirculationBooklet CirculationMeeting of EVAC
128th Jan 20194th Feb 201911th Feb 201913th Feb 201921st Feb 2019
211th March 201929th March 20191st April 20193rd April 201911th April 2019
33rd May 201923rd May 201927th May 201929th May 20196th June 2019
46th Sept 201917th Sept 201923rd Sept 201924th Sept 20193rd Oct 2019
528th Oct 20197th Nov 201911th Nov 201914th Nov 201921st Nov 2019