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Start a Business

The entrepreneurial spirit is alive and well in Ireland and we in the Local Enterprise Office in Tipperary are here to assist you in starting up your own business. We have a range of supports on offer designed to assist you as you start your business.  Why not consider the 10 steps to starting a new business. Use the templates attached to write your business plan Business Plan Template and generate cash flows cashflowtemplate.

If online support is your preferred option why not register for NUBIE which can give you step by step instructions on how to start, fund, manage and grow your business. The Tipperary Local Enterprise Office has teamed up with to offer one year's free access to start-up businesses in Tipperary which can be accessed here

We also provide a range of supports to those thinking of starting a business including:

Information and Advice

  • Avail of a FREE ‘Business Information and Advisory Session’ with a LEO staff member to discuss your ideas and/or business issues further

Start Your Own Business Courses

  • If you setting up your own business for the first time, this practical course will help you get to grips with all the requirements and challenges that you are likely to encounter, for example; creating a business plan, understanding relevant legal issues, devising a sales and marketing strategy and getting your head around technology requirements, bookkeeping and other important business matters.

Ideas Generation Programmes

  • Such programmes are aimed at assisting participants with practical sources of business ideas to help them spot business opportunities, generate practical ideas and to put those ideas into action.

Feasibility/Innovation Grant (subject to eligibility)

  • This support is in place to help clients research their business idea and determine the viability of their overall business proposal.