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Commercial Incentive Scheme


In order to help restore vibrancy and vitality to the town/village centre, Tipperary County Council has focussed on developing a mechanism to assist in addressing the issue of vacant retail units in the county’s village and town centres.

The Commercial Incentive Scheme (CIS) has been designed and developed to reduce the number of vacant retail units and to stimulate a differing and engaging retail mix, thereby creating a more vibrant and exciting offering and increasing the overall attractiveness of towns and villages for shopping, leisure, and business purposes.


The Grant

The grant relief provided under the scheme for an ELIGIBLE vacant property is:

Year 1 - Grant payable equal to 75% of rates liability

Year 2 - Grant payable equal to 50% of rates liability

Year 3 - Grant payable equal to 25% of rates liability

*It is a condition of the scheme that the Grant Payment will only be available for drawdown after 4 months of Trading; this will be subject to all rates and charges for the applicant year being discharged in full.


For further information on the scheme, the qualifying criteria and terms and conditions, please click on the following link