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State-backed low interest rate loans announced

Covid-19 Credit Guarantee Scheme (Covid-19 CGS)

The Covid-19 Credit Guarantee Scheme is designed to assist businesses, including Primary producers, impacted by Covid-19 to access credit.  

The Scheme is provided by the Government of Ireland to facilitate lending to Micro, Small and Medium-sized Enterprises, and Small Mid-Caps adversely impacted by Covid-19.  It facilitates the provision of liquidity and working capital to businesses with an initial focus on term and working capital loans. The Scheme enables a borrower impacted by Covid-19 to access credit. The borrower contributes to the cost of the Scheme by paying a guarantee premium on the credit advanced. This premium is separate from and is in addition to the cost of the credit advanced.

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Brexit Impact Loan Scheme

A medium-term, lower cost scheme to fund working capital and investments for businesses, including primary producers, impacted by Brexit and Covid-19. 

The SBCI Brexit Impact Loan Scheme is offered in partnership with the Department Enterprise, Trade and Employment (DETE), the Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine (DAFM), the European Investment Fund (EIF) and the European Investment Bank (EIB).  Ireland is uniquely exposed to the effects of Brexit relative to its European peers.  The Brexit Impact Loan Scheme (BILS) supports qualifying viable Irish businesses and primary producers (Agriculture/Fishing) by providing access to affordable medium-term finance enabling them to invest in their business.

Application form & details

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