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Basic Bookkeeping using Excel

Webinar, an invitation will be emailed to you
3 x consequitive Tuesdays, 15, 22 & 29 September

A webinar to guide you in setting up a simple bookkeeping system using Microsoft Excel. The system will include all daybooks, Receivables Ledgers, Payables Ledgers and Nominal Ledger. All parts of the system will be linked by means of posting journals and will lead to a final Trial Balance, Income statement and statement of financial position.


This online course will be of most benefit to people who have an understanding of manual bookkeeping systems and have experience writing up books manually.

The Excel Model created will substantially speed up the process of writing up the books as well as improving credit control in the business leaving a clear view of the amounts owed by customers and owing to suppliers.

Ideally attendees will have access to a computer and Excel and can create a spreadsheet that can work for their own systems.

Webinar 1:

  • Introduction to Bookkeeping
  • Setting up Sales and Purchases Daybooks using Excel
  • Setting up Receipts, Payments and Petty cash books using Excel
  • Setting up Receivables Ledgers and Payables Ledgers on Excel
  • Linking the Receivables Ledgers to the Sales Daybooks and Receipts books on Excel
  • Linking the Payables Ledgers to the Purchases Daybooks and Payments books on Excel

Webinar 2:

  • Setting up Nominal Ledger Accounts on Excel
  • Creating Posting Journals on each of the daybooks
  • Linking the posting Journals to the Nominal Ledger Accounts

Webinar 3:

  • Extracting a Trial Balance from the Nominal Ledger accounts on Excel
  • Using Excel to create an Income Statement and Statement of Financial Position from the TB
  • Using Excel to deliver the information required for the VAT 3 FORM