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Costing & Pricing - Is your pricing correct?

Thursday 29 & Friday 30 April
9:30am - 11:45am

This 2 part webinar is a practical workshop. Attendees will be taken step by step through the various pricing calculations. *****THIS COURSE IS RESTRICTED TO TIPPERARY BUSINESSES ONLY*****

Only 4 remaining

Course Outline:-


The workshop will cover the following topics;

  • a) What overheads are, why they are important and how to factor them into your product or service costs.
  • b) How to calculate your profit margins by product / service and for the entire business.
  • c) How to calculate your breakeven position and translate this into the number of units you need to sell to achieve it.
  • d) What factors to consider when setting prices.
  • e) How to calculate prices for new products or services you want to introduce.
  • f) How to improve margins.
  • g) The importance of reviewing prices regularly and how to do this.
  • h) How to test the market price level.