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Costing and Pricing your product or service

Tipperary Community Services Centre, Michael Street, Tipperary Town.
Tues, 14th November
9am - 1.30pm

The course is designed to give participants a practical knowledge of how to calculate overheads and profit margins; factors to consider when setting prices; how to calculate prices for new services or products, and how to improve margins. Trainer: Casey Business Consulting

This event is no longer available

Costing and Pricing Workshop

Attendance at this workshop will equip participants to:

  • Know what overheads are, why they are important and how to factor them into their product or service costings

  • Know how to calculate the profit margins delivered by their

    • overall business

    • individual products / services

  • Know how to calculate their break even position

  • What factors to consider when setting prices

  • How to calculate prices for new products or services they are introducing

  • How to improve margins

  • Importance of reviewing prices on a regular basis and how to do this

  • Not to be afraid to test the market price level and how to do this