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Covid-19 Selling Online

Webinar - your invite will be emailed to you
2 x 2hr sessions 8 & 14 April
10am - 12noon
I.T. Training

Find out how to sell your product/service online. The challenges, opportunities, the link to social media & all the essentials to move your business online.

This event is no longer available

The Webinar will cover the following:

  • How to sell online
  • What is needed for an online shop
  • What makes a great & successful online shop
  • Online payment methods
  • Online advertising
  • Promoting your online shop & finding customers
  • Integrating social media to your online shop
  • The power of blogging for an online shop
  • Free online tools & supports available
  • Trading Online Voucher scheme

This programme will be run over 2 x 2hour sessions on Wednesday 8 April and Tuesday 14 April from 10am until 12noon.