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Develop Online Videos to Market Your Business, Clonmel

Clonmel Park Hotel, Clonmel
9.30am - 4.30pm
I.T. Training

Discover video marketing opportunities in your business and focus on video marketing strategies. Tutor: Red PR

This event is no longer available

The programme will cover the following

  • Marketing health check - assessment of your brand, business & sector
  • The communications mix - general understanding of where digital & video slot into the mix
  • Identify, fortify and use your Unique Selling Points
  • Creating a strong, clear message in video marketing your business
  • What's your video for? An Elevator Pitch - if so what is your elevator pitch?
  • How to create a video, step-by-step practical session from storyboarding, scripting, voiceovers and actors, backdrops, props, graphics and much more
  • How to market your video across multiple mediums effectively
  • Measuring your campaigns

This course is suitable for both Apple and Android platforms.

Please note, the practical element of this course will require your own Smartphone and/or iPad/tablet