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Essential Marketing and Sales for Business - Nenagh

Abbey Court Hotel, Nenagh
11th April and over 6 consecutive Wednesday evenings
6.30pm to 9.30pm
Business Training

Delivered over 6 evenings, this course will be of benefit to individuals responsible for marketing and promotion in the business. Trainer: Theresa Mulvihill, Smart Marketing


Essential Marketing and Sales for Business - Nenagh

This course, delivered over 6 evenings, will be of benefit to small/medium size business owners, managers, administrators and people taking on a marketing role or responsibilities within a business or working within the area of marketing and promotion who require a knowledge of marketing to operate a business to its maximum capacity; individuals considering setting up a business and who want to research their business idea; people who want to conduct feasibility studies r research for business ideas or at the start up stage but who are very serious about pursuing the idea.

Course aim:

The aim of the training programme is to assist individuals in realising that marketing is not just for large companies but an important part of business for any business. This training programme will give participants an insight into the various elements of marketing including branding, skills of selling, direct marketing, dealing with the media, pricing, customer service involved when marketing a business.

The aim of this programme is to assist participants in developing and focusing their skills to help them implement effective and efficient marketing strategies within their business. Marketing can become a business’s most valuable tool in increasing sales, gaining market share, achieving a competitive edge and making profits. This training programme will help participants see how marketing is a function of a business which is interlinked with all other aspects of a business and must be incorporated into a business overall goals and objectives.

Course objectives:

At the end of this training programme, you will:

  • Have an understanding of the fundamentals of marketing and how it applies to your business
  • Have an integrated online and offline promotional plan outline for your company
  • Have defined your product or service offering
  • Understand the fundamentals of the marketing mix
  • Have a marketing budget for your company and an understanding of budget allocation and control
  • Have completed a promotional campaign
  • Understand the approaches of market research
  • Have an understanding of the various digital marketing and online techniques
  • Have implemented a market research campaign in your business
  • Have the relevant skills to negotiate with media suppliers
  • Be able to review and analyse the effectiveness of your marketing activities and take appropriate actions