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Essential Sales & Marketing - Thurles

Anner Hotel, Thurles
Commencing Tuesday, 30th October over 6 consecutive Tuesday evenings
6.30pm to 9.30pm

Learn the importance of marketing for your business and how to plan and implement a marketing strategy. Learn practical sales skills and techniques to create an effective sales plan. Trainer: Terry Harmer, NLC Training

This event is no longer available

Essential Marketing & Sales for Business- Thurles

The aim of this 6-day course is to give participants an understanding of the importance of marketing for their business, learn how to create awareness of their business, develop contacts, identify prospective customers, make sales and network their business efficiently, effectively, and at little or no cost.

Participants will be provided with practical selling skills and techniques, including:

  • How to create an effective sales plan;
  • How to prospect effectively;
  • How to structure an efficient sales call;
  • How to use influencing and negotiation strategies and tactics;
  • How to improve selling skills to increase sales


Course Content

  • SWOT & PEST Analysis
  • The 8 P’s
  • Target Marketing
  • Segmentation & Positioning
  • Clarifying Your Customer Value Proposition
  • Knowing your Customers and how to reach them
  • Brand Development


Each participant will leave the course with permanent reference manuals and pocket reminders which will assist with installing the practices as permanent procedures.