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Idea Generation & Innovation

Live online training via zoom
Thursday 28 January
Business Training

Most Entrepreneurs have many ideas, the key question is always….. is it a Good One??? Developing that idea, twisting it, turning it and analyzing it is the start of any good business, product or service development process.


This 2 hour online workshop with follow up online one to one’s will walk participants through the various process of Generating, Developing, Analyzing and Acting  their business, product and service ideas into reality.

Takeaway’s from this workshop include:-

  • Techniques to generate business, product and service ideas
  • Feasibility study template
  • Action plan to bring the idea to life

Workshop Content will include:-

  • An introduction to idea generation and innovation
  • Techniques to generate, progress and develop ideas
  • Ideas versus opportunities
  • The feasibility process of an idea including, capability, costs and funding, customers, competitor landscape
  • Idea modification and adaptation
  • Funding your business, product or service idea
  • Next steps and planning for action – where ideas come to life!

Who is this programme for?

Business owners who want to bring innovation into their business.

Those who are considering setting up or starting a business and would like to explore an idea in more detail.