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Instagram for Business, Nenagh

Abbey Court Hotel, Nenagh
Friday 21 February
9:30am - 1pm
Social Media

Gain hands-on experience using Instragram and decide how it fits into your marketing plan.

This event is no longer available

The course will cover the following:-

  • An introduction to Instagram and how it differs from other social networks
  • Creating an Instagram strategy and setting some goals and targets
  • Features: a walk through all key Instagram features, e.g. using image filters and editing tools, creating stories, sharing video etc.
  • Hashtags: understating the importance of using hashtags in Instagram and finding a list of 10 top hashtags for their industry
  • Understanding Instagram’s newsfeed filter and how to ensure you are discoverable in search and visible in your follower’s newsfeed.
  • Case Studies – other businesses that are succeeding on Instagram
  • Other Apps: an introduction to apps that work with Instagram e.g. Repost for sharing and Wordswag (to overlay text on images)

Practical elements:

  • Hands-on setting up and using Instagram app
  • Designing images using apps like Wordswag