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LEAN Business Breakfast Seminar - Thurles

Anner Hotel, Thurles
Tuesday, 26th September
8.30am - 10am

This free breakfast seminar will assist small business owners and managers to identify ways to improve profits, customer service and employee engagement.

This event is no longer available

  • Who is it for?

Small business owners and managers looking for ways to improve profits, customer service and employee engagement. The meeting will introduce attendees to LEAN practices and processes and will serve as an introduction to individuals interested in applying for a place on our subsidised two-day LEAN Management Programme in October.

  • What can I expect?

Free coffee (or tea), breakfast and an opportunity to think about how to improve your business, away from the minute-to-minute business that can get in the way of fresh thinking.

  • What will I gain?

See how to identify opportunities for improving profits and customer service. And what to do about them.


  • Who will be there?

Ita Horan, from the Local Enterprise Office, Tipperary, will explain how Tipperary County Council is funding and providing practical help for local businesses through the Lean Business Program.

Lean business process improvement experts Allyson English and Matthew Peacock of V.A.E. Consultancy Ltd will share their experiences improving profits and growth for small businesses as managers and Lean consultants.

  • Will it be technical or boring?

Lean is about practical but not always obvious ways of looking at problems and opportunities. To help explain this Allyson and Matthew will be taking us on an imaginary river journey through a typical business and pointing out typical opportunities along the way.  

  • Will I need to talk about my business in public?

You will not be asked to speak publicly unless you want to. But if you wish, we will be pleased to meet you privately afterwards and listen to your priorities for business improvement.

  • How much will it cost?

The breakfast meeting is free!

You will be expected to devote your own and staff time to making the project work. No pain – no gain.