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Online Business Development Programme - Thurles

Anner Hotel, Thurles
Tuesday, 16th October & Wednesday, 24th October
9.30am to 4.30pm
Business Training

This 2-day course will equip participants to design and implement a social media strategy to meet their needs of their business and their customers. Trainer: Eagle Dreams

This event is no longer available

Design Your Own Social Media Campaign- Thurles


This 2-day course will give participants a better understanding of the different social media networks and how to use them in a business context. The course will explore the main social networks- Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Snapchat, Pinterest etc- and demonstrate through practical work and real life examples the power that social media can have for your business.

On completion of the course, each learner will know how to create a social media campaign and how to integrate it across all the different platforms. Learners will understand the power and importance of a landing page in a social media campaign and how to create one. They will also learn how to create a hashtag (#) campaign and how to use hashtags effectively. The course will also outline how to run online competitions on the various platforms in order to grow followers. The success of any social media campaign can only be measured by the return on investment. The course will outline how to calculate a ROI for the learner’s individual business for the different campaigns that they run.


A section of this course will be given to practical work where learners will be invited to use their own laptops to set up a social media campaign, using organic and paid advertising, with an action plan to implement. This part of the workshop will give learners great experience in the social media tools, how to enhance their current social media activities and how to gain a better return on investment.