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Start Your Own Business - Hybrid Nenagh

Night 1, 5 & 6: Abbey Court Hotel, Night 2, 3 & 4 Virtual
Start Your Own Business

This 6-week course aims to provide participants with the skills to assess the viability of their business ideas and develop an understanding of the steps involved in becoming self-employed and starting up their own business.

This event is no longer available

This 6-week hybrid course will commence Thursday 23 March run over consecutive Thursday nights with a mixture of Virtual & on-site sessions in the Abbey Court Hotel, Nenagh as outlined below:-

Week 1: Onsite, Abbey Court Hotel, Nenagh

Week 2: Virtual

Week 3: Virtual

Week 4: Virtual

Week 5: Onsite, Abbey Court Hotel Nenagh

Week 6: Onsite, Abbey Court Hotel Nenagh

The six modules will cover:-

    • Preparing a business plan
    • Legal issues for start-ups
    • Finance, funding sources and approaches
    • Brief introduction to the tax system as a self-employed person
    • Sales and pricing
    • Marketing for a start-up and small business – the importance of market research and steps to take to implement a successful marketing strategy

During the six sessions, the course covers important topics such as:-

    • Business plan
    • Start-up costs and expenses
    • Basic bookkeeping for a small business
    • Business advice
    • Employment laws
    • Registration of a business
    • Wages – the true cost of employing someone
    • Marketing
    • Budgets cashflow and VAT

Each participant should walk away with a reasonable idea if their business idea is viable or not.  If their idea is viable, they leave equipped with an action plan to develop their business idea and a business plan to guide them through the start-up phase.