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Management Development

Management Development

Management and Company development training is key to sustaining, growing and developing the microenterprise sector.  LEO Tipperary endeavours to provide a series of measures designed to accelerate business growth, sustain the viability of existing firms and safe guard employment in traditional sectors.  All reports in recent years have highlighted the importance of management development training and these programmes include the Owner Manager Programme and the Management Development Programme.

The Building Management Skills for Critical Action programme is aimed at owner managers of small businesses who are anxious to acquire the extra skills/knowledge to develop their businesses onto the next stage.  It is developed to uniquely facilitate them to firstly recognise their factual situation and then build their management capacity to address these issues.  Most of these critical issues can be solved if "able managers" address them in time.

For further information on programmes running in the coming training period, please contact Ita Horan 052 6129466 or Eleanor Forrest 0761 06 5000.