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Business Training

In addition to the training programmes scheduled, the Tipperary Local Enterprise Office also offers the following programmes/initiatives to assist the development of the business community:

  • Business Advice Clinics

One-to-one sessions with a specialist Business Advisor can be arranged to deal with business issues. All meetings will take place by phone, or at LEO Offices by appointment. Free of Charge to qualifying businesses.

  • Company Development

Comprehensive on-site skills development programme for owners/managers preceded by a diagnostic visit to identify barriers to growth. The initiative is tailored to suit the needs of the company and the duration varies from as little as one up to six days on-site coaching focussing on the skills and expertise required to overcome perceived barriers and strengthen competitiveness. Training / Consultancy is delivered by specialists from a professional panel. The programme is funded by the Tipperary LEO and participants will be expected to contribute a participation fee of not more than 10% of the assignment cost.

  • Management Development

Comprehensive accredited training for existing firms involving a mix of group training workshops and one to one on-site sessions. Limited to 15 qualifying firms, training is generally delivered over a number of months with on-site meetings arranged to suit the participant. The participating firm generally contributes 10% of the training cost.

  • Mentors

On-site counselling with owner / managers to address areas of concern in the business such as costing, financial management, marketing, sales, production, standards and systems, business planning etc. The Tipperary LEO has assembled a panel of experienced Mentors which are assigned following a needs analysis as appropriate. Similar to other programmes, the grantee is required to contribute 10% of the assignment cost payable in advance.

  • Exhibition Grants Domestic Market

Grant is based on 50% of actual expenditure or a qualifying expenditure ceiling of €2,000 whichever is the lesser. The grant scheme covers exhibition fees such as stand rental, graphics and participation in show catalogues. The Scheme limit will apply to each grantee on an annual basis (i.e. no applicant may receive more than €1,000 in a calendar year). The Trade Fairs/Exhibitions Support Scheme will be confined to qualifying micro-enterprises (i.e. not more than 10 employees) and the approval of the Board must be obtained before the date of the actual show/exhibition. Firms are also offered the option to participate on group exhibition stands at events such as, Showcase etc. at highly subsidised rates.

  • Trading Online Voucher Scheme Information Seminars

The terms and conditions of the Trading Online Voucher Scheme require potential recipients to attend an information seminar. These are free of charge and are taking place online with LEOs all around the country. (Please note that some LEOs do limit their places to their own geographical area, while others do not. All Tipperary based applicants can register to attend a webinar hosted by Tipperary LEO)

  • Quality System Accreditation

The LEO offers grant assistance to eligible firms towards the installation of Quality Systems and HR Standards such as ISO, Q-Mark, Excellence Through People etc. Excellence Through People (ETP) is Ireland's national standard for human resource management. A 50% grant subject to a maximum of €1,500 is available towards eligible consultants fees, accreditation costs etc. The grant requires advance LEO approval and is paid based on vouched expenditure and receipt of ISO, ETP or other certification.

  • Training Grants

A limited number of training grants can be made available to firms who do not qualify for assistance from FAS or other bodies. Training grants are paid on completion of an approved training programme on receipt of certification of attendance and vouched expenditure. Prior approval in writing is essential. Such grants are limited to owner/managers of qualifying firms only.

  • Promoting Innovation & Creativity

The Tipperary LEO can support qualifying firms to buy in technical expertise and training in the areas of Research & Development, new product development, harnessing creativity, intellectual property, branding, corporate identity etc. Intervention usually takes the form of on site training or consultancy with assignments carried out at the company's place of business. The LEO outsources consultants from an approved panel managed and the participating firm generally contributes 20% of the assignment cost.