Cavan Business Women's Club 2019

What is Cavan Business Women's Club?

Cavan Business Women’s Club, a professional business women’s network, was launched in 2013.  CBWC aims to empower, motivate and showcase  its members and their businesses.

Six meetings/events are held in each year. Our meetings follow a theme of interest to the members and consist of a workshops, inspirational speakers, networking opportunities and exhibitions of member businesses. 

Cavan Business Women's Club (CBWC) - Membership Options 2019

  • Annual Membership is €100 - covers 6 meetings, talks/workshops and supper.
  • Bi-Annual Membershipis €50 – covers 3 meetings, talks/workshops and supper.
  • Pay-As-You-Go is €25pp per event

CBWC 2019 Meeting Dates for Your Diary

Venue: Hotel Kilmore

  • All meetings start at 6.15pm with registration, Coffee & Networking
  • Presentations/Workshops/Talks start at 6.30pm
  • Finishing with a light supper at 8.15pm
  • National Women’s Enterprise Day (October) is an extra meeting in the CBWC calendar

The 2019 Dates Are As Follows:

All network events will be held on Wednesday's for the exception of National Women's Enterprise Day in October.

1. February 13th

2. April 3nd

3. May 15th

4. June 26th

Break for July & August

5. September 4th

6. October 17th (National Women’s Enterprise Day)

7. December 4th

For further details on the network, please contact Margaret McKeon-Boyle, Coordinator, CBWC: Tel: 0872588918 or Email: or

The next meeting of Cavan Business Women's Club will take place on Wednesday 4th September 2019

Cavan Business Women's Club (CBWC) - Fifth Meeting of 2019

Date:     Wednesday September 4th 2019

Time:     6.15pm – 9.00pm

Venue:   Hotel Kilmore

Guest Speaker: Sandra Devenney, McElhinney’s Manager

Retail Excellence Managerial Award winner 2018

McElhinneys’ Business and Sales Manager, Devenney, won the overall Manager of the Year Award at the Retail Excellence 2018 Awards.

As the Business & Sales Manager, Sandra conducts all the work of the various managers in McElhinneys, and with an overall staff of almost 200 people, it’s no shock that she’s a real people person through and through!

Her love of her the business, the team, and the customers is what she attributes her success to

, "My number one skill would be people. I’m obsessed with the customers and the people who work with them… That’s been my secret – I care so much about that team. Each and every one of them".

Full event details will be made available closer to this event.

Cavan Business Women's Club (CBWC) - Fourth Meeting of 2019

Theme: Marketing Solutions & Brand Awareness”. Transform your marketing in just ten minutes with Evelyn McGlynn from Evelyn MC Marketing

Date:     Wednesday June 26th 2019

Time:     6.15pm – 9.00pm

Venue:   Hotel Kilmore

Guest Speaker: Evelyn McGlynn, Evelyn MC Marketing

Guest Speaker: Evelyn McGlynn of Evelyn MC MarketingEvelyn McGlynn

Evelyn will speak on the value of celebrating human leadership in a digital world and how you can transform your marketing in just ten minutes per day for FREE with some creative non digital tasks!

Evelyn will also talk about her journey from being a stay at home mum for 20 years to setting up her own business, a marketing & communications company called; and how her experience in the voluntary not for profit sector during those ‘stay at home mum’ years led her to use her transferable skills to set up the company.

Evelyn implements a mixture of traditional business skills, creativity, innovation, community building and storytelling to deliver results in all the projects she manages.

An educator, author and communicator she is the PRO for Donegal Women in Business Network and the creator and blogger with Evelyn also launched a ‘Donegal Mammy’ merchandise range this year.

Cavan Business Women's Club (CBWC) - Third Meeting of 2019

Cora Barnes

Theme: Your Business. A 'Catch-Up' on where you are and where you want to be with CORA BARNES.

Date:     Wednesday May 15th

Time:     6.15pm – 9.00pm

Venue:   Hotel Kilmore

Guest Speaker: Cora Barnes

Guest Speaker: Cora Barnes

Cora Barnes, Three Q Temps Ltd, started her first business at the age of 21 with two friends & celebrates 20 years in that business in September.

This 'Catch Up' evening at the CBWC is to create awareness of where you are in your business & to identify possibilities to explore about where

your businesses will go next.

Cora believes in making things happen and will share her insights at the CBWC May 15th event.

Cavan Business Women's Club (CBWC) - Second Meeting of 2019

Theme: Innovation & Peer to Peer Knowledge Sharing"

Date:     Wednesday April 3rd

Time:     6.00pm – 9.30pm

Venue:   Hotel Kilmore

Guest Speaker: Susan Hayles, The Positive Economist

Innovation & Peer to Peer Knowledge SharingCBWC Susan

From our recent survey, our CBWC members have asked for more opportunity to get together in a structured format to learn more about each other’s businesses. So this is the theme for our next meeting on Wednesday April 3rd "Innovation & Peer to Peer Knowledge Sharing"

Susan Hayes, otherwise known as The Positive Economist, an international public speaker and trainer provides a programme based around sharing of skills on what innovation really is (and isn’t), how she navigated her team through a "Summer of Rejection" and the step-by-step guide to seeking out and obtaining grant finance.

Susan and her team in BECKSearch will facilitate a peer-to-peer learning session at the Cavan Business Women’s Club meeting on April 3rd whereby you will learn how to ask the right questions to find out how to advance your business and distil your own wisdom so that you can communicate clearly to others.

According to Susan HayesCulleton,

"The conditions for good knowledge sharing and cooperation to occur will not always be present. BECKSearch’s activities help extract the wisdom within the CBWC group making in an enjoyable, social way, by coordinating valuable teaching and learning among peers"

This programme will elicit insightful and beneficial conversations on a one-to-one and group basis.

Cavan Business Women's Club (CBWC) - First Meeting of 2019

Theme: "Resilience in the Face of Adversity" is the Theme for the 2019 launch of the Cavan Business Women's Club - a professional business women's network

Date:                  Wednesday February 13th

Time:                  6.15pm – 9.30pm

Venue:               Hotel Kilmore – Brackley Suite

Guest Speaker: Margaret Hoctor, Entrepreneur and Inspirational Speaker

Guest Speaker: Margaret Hoctor

According to our Guest Speaker, Margaret Hoctor, "Your Worst Day Can Be Your Best Day". 
Wicklow based Margaret is an inspirational business woman who will give a presentation on RESILIENCE IN THE FACE OF ADVERSITY.
After being made redundant from a Senior Director role in a leading Global Market Research company in 2013, Margaret was devastated but then learned how resilient she really was. 

Fast forward over 5 years and Margaret is running a number of very successful projects. She and her husband Eamon have built a strong "Kilmullen Farm" Brand. It is a farm business diversifying with food products, including lamb, apple juice and seasonal sweetcorn. They also manage a full horse livery business on their farm. 
Margaret is also a sought after trainer and speaker and firmly believes that "Your worst day can be your best day". 
She will share her journey on building resilience for her business, how the importance of asking "Why/Why not", changed the course of her life and what she does for her own mental wellbeing and that of her family.