Priming Grant


A Priming Grant is a business start-up grant, available to micro enterprises within the first 18 months of start-up.

Priming grants may be available for sole traders, partnerships, community groups or limited companies that fulfill the following criteria:

  • Located within County Clare

  • A business which on growth may or may not fit the Enterprise Ireland portfolio

  • A business employing up to 10 employees 

  • A manufacturing or internationally traded services business 

  • A Domestically traded Service business with the potential to trade internationally

Eligible clients may be awarded a Priming Grant within the first eighteen months of setting up the business.

The maximum Priming Grant payable shall be 50% of the investment or €150,000 whichever is the lesser. Grants over €80,000 and up to €150,000 shall be the exception and shall only apply in the case of projects that clearly demonstrate a potential to graduate to Enterprise Ireland and/or to export internationally.

In all other cases, the maximum grant shall be 50% of the investment or €80,000 whichever is the lesser. A percentage of any grant assistance will be in refundable form at the discretion of Clare LEO.

Subject to the 50% limit, a maximum grant of up to €15,000 per full time job created shall apply in respect of any employment support granted.

What does the Priming Grant Cover?

A Priming Grant may be paid to buy new equipment, help with direct business costs such as salary, rental costs, utilities, marketing, consultancy costs, and so on. Grant assistance is not available for the purchase of buildings, land or mobile assets. Grant expenditure may be considered under the following headings: -

Apple Mac Guidance

Please see the following Mac Guidance for Completion and Submission of LEO Grant Application Forms


Application Form Completion

The pdf should display as intended on a Mac but if it is completed in Preview mode and not Apple Adobe Reader, then the information is not recorded until you print the file to PDF using the steps below

  • Click File > Print
  • Click on the PDF dropdown list and select Save as PDF.
  • This then completes the document so that it can be viewed on Windows machines


Where possible, applicants should always use Adobe Reader to complete their online Application forms


Submitting Application Form

Applicants using a Mac should save their application form to pdf format to allow visibility for Windows users i.e. choose print from file menu and then use the dialog box’s PDF option to save it to a PDF.

The applicant should then submit the file that has been printed to a pdf as their application form.