Student Enterprise

Enterprise Education

Encouraging and promoting an enterprise culture is an important area of activity for the Local Enterprise Office Clare.

In seeking to develop a thriving enterprise culture, it is critical that young people from all backgrounds see enterprise as a viable career choice.  Entrepreneurial qualities and mindset need to be fostered from an early stage.  If we are serious about developing an entrepreneurial ethos we must start with our school-children and young people.  We must listen to their ideas and actively support their innovations, as these can be the secret to the business successes of tomorrow.  Our young people need to be open to the idea of creating a new job rather than looking for one. 

For all of these reasons, LEO Clare  focuses on the field of entrepreneurship development on the education sector.  Through various programmes and initiatives, we seek to influence student attitudes in favour of enterprise.  It is to be hoped that the proportion of young people who are prepared to “have a go” at founding their own business can be increased.

We will continue to reinforce entrepreneurship in the education system as a critical element in the future development of small business in Ireland.  A number of initiatives are run at both primary and secondary level with the flagship programme the Student Enterprise Awards.