Business Expansion Grant


The Business Expansion grant is designed to assist the business in its growth phase after the initial 18 month start-up period.  

Business Expansion grants may be awarded to sole traders, partnerships, community groups or limited companies that fulfill the following criteria:

  • Located within County Clare

  • A business, which, on growth, may or may not have the capacity to fit the Enterprise Ireland portfolio

  • A business employing up to 10 employees

  • A Manufacturing or Internationally traded service business 

  • A Domestically traded Service business with the potential to trade internationally. 

    The maximum Business Expansion Grant payable shall be 50% of the investment or €150,000 whichever is the lesser. Grants over €80,000 and up to €150,000 shall be the exception and shall only apply in the case of projects that clearly demonstrate a potential to graduate to Enterprise Ireland and/or to export internationally. In all other cases, the maximum grant shall be 50% of the investment or €80,000 whichever is the lesser. Subject to the 50% limit, a maximum grant of €15,000 per full time job created shall apply in respect of any employment support granted.

    If a business received a Priming Grant (start up grant), it cannot apply for a Business Expansion Grant until 12 months after the date of approval of the Priming Grant.

    What does the Business Expansion Grant Cover?

    Grant expenditure pay be considered under the following headings:

  • Capital items - including fit out of workspace, office equipment, machinery, fixed technology costs, and so on

  • Salary Costs - for the first year of employment

  • Consultancy, Innovation, Marketing costs - these may include packaging, brochures, business cards, trade fairs, website development, consultancy fees and other marketing initiatives

  • General Overhead Costs - these include, for example, utilities and rental or accomodation costs

How to Apply for a Business Expansion Grant?

Contact us to discuss your needs with one of our Team.

Click here for Details on Closing Dates for Receipt of Online Grant Applications

*Businesses with 10 employees or more may be eligible, please contact your Local Enterprise Office advisor for more information.