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Applications are now closed, but click on the above link to register your interest for the 2025 programme.



You can apply from anywhere in the World. However, you need to commit to growing your business from Donegal.



Get in touch to see if Scala is the right fit for you and your business.

What it is?

Scála (formerly Scale-X) is an exciting opportunity for entrepreneurs to accelerate the growth of their business. The programme focuses on giving you a deep understanding of the metrics that can drive your success, the skills to build financial models that stand up to investor scrutiny, and industry engagement and mentorship that give you valuable insights to adapt your business model to create the perfect fit.

Scála (formerly Scale-X) is an 11-week Accelerator Programme which is targeted at start up entrepreneurs with the potential for fast growth.

Who is eligible?

  • Any founder(s) with ambitions to grow their business globally.
  • Any founder(s) with the potential for fast business growth
  • A potential spin-out from an existing firm or third level institution
  • A commitment to grow your business from Donegal, no matter where in the world you live right now.
  • The programme is open to residents of Donegal or anyone that is part of the Donegal Diaspora within Ireland or worldwide. 


Scála (formerly Scale-X) is seeking founders that have a unique insight into their industry, borne out of deep industry expertise or an evident passion for their idea, as well as solutions that solve a distinct customer problem.

We will select twelve teams to go with us on this journey. This will be based on the scale of ambition of the founder/s, the potential market size of your chosen field and, most importantly, the teams that we feel we can help the most. We will review every application and interview shortlisted candidates on a rolling basis, so apply early to give yourself the best possible chance to be accepted.

You must be available to participate on all programme days as outlined for Zoom sessions (Z) and in-person sessions (I-P). Weekly sessions will take place on Wednesdays, In-person (I-P) Full Day and Virtual/Zoom (Z) are morning sessions.

Closing Deadline & Key Dates:

Applications for Scála (formerly Scale-X) have now closed. Click on the Register Your Interest link below if you would like to partake in the next programme, likely to take place in Q2 2025. .

Indicative Programme Schedule 


Week 1 (I-P)

Accelerator LaunchpadYou get to know your course-mates, learn the core principles of the lean startup methodology, and make a start on clearly defining the key elements of your opportunity. 
Week 2 (Z)De-Risk Your Venture

You learn a framework for identifying and prioritising the key risks related to your venture. You also learn a process for reducing risk through rapid cycles of test and learn.

Week 3 (Z)Customer Discovery

You learn a process for testing the riskiest parts your new venture.

Week 4 (Z)
Pitching your Venture

You learn a proven, effective pitching framework and strategies for crafting and delivering a compelling pitch. 

Week 5 (Z) MVP Thinking In this workshop you’ll learn how to apply MVP thinking to help reduce risk and build momentum.
Week 6 (Z) Tracking Progress with KPIsLearn how to measure progress and improvement towards your objectives through easy to apply but informative measurements and controls.
Week 7 (Z)

Achieving Product Market Fit

Learn how to acquire initial customers, what is meant by "Product Market Fit" and why product market fit is critical to success.

Week 8 (Z)

Building & Leading your Startup Team

Explore the role of leadership in the startup environment and the job of a startup founder.  

Week 9 (Z) Funding Your VentureLearn how to identify your funding need and select which type of funding is most appropriate for your situation.
Week 10 (Z) Pitch Practice You'll have the opportunity to practice your pitch and get expert and peer feedback.  

Week 11 


Final Pitching Event (full day in-person) 

A hosted celebratory event where you pitch to a panel of industry experts and support agencies. 

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