Creative Entrepreneurship in Donegal

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What is #CreativeCoastDonegal?

An online directory and visualisation tool that lists Donegal's creative and cultural sector.

The Local Enterprise Office, Donegal County Council have commissioned this directory as part of an initiative arising from The Strategic Action Plan for Creative Entrepreneurship in Donegal.

A key objective within the Strategic Action Plan is to create the right conditions for creative entrepreneurship in Donegal by:

Developing a shared vision and identity for the creative sectors in Donegal. The provision of a ‘live’ profile of the creative sectors to enable exchange of ideas and stimulate new opportunities. To deliver on the objectives, a strategic framework was proposed across three key strands of activity – inform, connect and broker.

  • Inform… people of potential opportunities and inform a coherent identity for Donegal’s creative sectors.
  • Connect… people across different disciplines and activities.
  • Broker… partnerships around creative innovation.

Our aim is that #CreativeCoastDonegal will do just that.

The Creative Coast Donegal is overseen by a creative partnership committee made up of representatives from the public and private sector, facilitated by the Local Enterprise Office of Donegal County Council.

This project is by nature in constant evolution. You can help us by filling in the form and getting listed.

If you have any questions on this initiative please contact: