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Isobel Sangha, the founder of The Donegal Soap Company, began her journey in 2010, following her son’s eczema diagnosis. In her search for relief and healing treatment, Isobel began researching the products we use daily and what they contain. During her research, she discovered that allergy rates were soaring, and environmental factors played a key role in this.

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Drawing from a childhood immersed in nature foraging and armed with an education in bioengineering, Isobel passionately crafts a range of natural soaps and skincare. As Ireland’s first palm-oil free certified company, her business minimises plastic waste and sources organic ingredients for health and sustainability. Most recently, The Donegal Natural Soap Company won the Best Donegal Enterprise Green Award at this year’s Donegal Enterprise Awards.

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Commenting on the support Donegal Natural Soap Company received from her Local Enterprise Office, Isobel said:

For the first five years, my business grew slowly and organically through word of mouth. As demand picked up, I reached out to my Local Enterprise Office and discovered I was eligible for a Trading Online Voucher. This helped me create an online revenue stream that didn’t exist before and added direct sales to my business, which I would estimate increased my sales by 400%. However, the support didn't end there. Through the Local Enterprise Office, I accessed a spectrum of invaluable resources, including, Technical Assistance for Micro Exporters, Mentoring, Digital for Business and LEAN for Business. These initiatives really helped me and the business by providing crucial insights and entrepreneurial guidance to enhance our overall performance and competitiveness in the market. A Business Expansion Grant has also supported me with investment in new staff and equipment. I would advise anyone who is starting out in their business journey to engage with the Local Enterprise Office Donegal as early as possible to avail of the excellent services and guidance they offer..

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