Priming Grant

Our Priming Funding is designed to assist a micro-enterprise within the first 18 months of start-up. 
It covers 50% of eligible costs, subject to a maximum LEO contribution of €80,000. 
Any funding that is issued will be subject to an element of it having to be repaid to the Local Enterprise Office.

Priming Funding: Qualifying Expenses

Expenditure may be considered under these headings:

Capital items: Office equipment, machinery, IT hardware/software and fit-out of workspace. 
(The Acquisition of land and building and Purchase of Mobile Assets are excluded.)

Salary costs: These costs may include the salary of a promoter and/or employee and apply to the first year of
employment only. The maximum amount allowable under this category is €8,000 per full-time position.

Utility costs: These include installation costs for telephone and broadband. (Mobile phone costs are excluded.)

Marketing costs: These include packaging, brochures, business cards, trade fairs, website design and development.

Consultancy costs: These include fees for design, architectural, accountancy and legal services and patent costs.

Business-specific training: Costs here refer to specialised management or key personnel training programmes that are required to ensure the growth of the business. Such courses should not be otherwise available under the LEO's general training programmes.

Priming Funding - Terms & Conditions

The Priming Funding covers 50% of qualifying expenses (excluding VAT), subject to a maximum LEO
contribution of €80,000. An application may comprise costs from one or more of the qualifying expense categories.

Only third party costs qualify ie activities that a business promoter commissions others to undertake.

An application must be made prior to any expenditure being incurred
ie any expenditure incurred prior to the grant application date does not qualify.

LEO Payment will be made on agreed receipt of proof of payment of all approved expenses. The VAT element of expenses will not be covered by any grant offer. Payments to state bodies, including local authorities, are also excluded.

Successful applicants must draw down approved amounts within expiry period stated in the letter of offer and
applicants may draw down part or all of any approved amount in a number of payments.

The approval of all applications and the payment of all monies is dependant upon the availability of financial resources under this scheme from the Department of Jobs, Enterprise, & Innovation.

Grant Claim Forms

Please download the grant claim forms below:

01 Supplier Set Amendment Form

02 Claim Form

03 Priming Grant Drawdown Checklist

04 Authorisation for Department of Social Protection

05 Employment Grant Claim Form

06 Employment Grant Claim Form - Drawdown Salary Form

07 Salary Grant Drawdown Checklist