The Application Process FAQ

How do I apply?

The first step in applying for assistance from Local Enterprise Office Donegal is to talk to one of the LEO team members. This discussion will result in advice being given on the most practical way in which LEO Donegal can meet your business needs.

If appropriate, an application form will be forwarded for completion. When this is fully completed (and includes the necessary quotations and other supporting documentation) the LEO team will ensure that it is considered as quickly as possible.

If the application is for financial assistance from a business in the manufacturing or Internationally Traded Services sectors, then a file is prepared for the Evaluation & Approvals Committee who will decide on eligibility and on the level of support.

If the application is for trading online, mentoring, training or other support then the LEO Executive can make a decision on the level of support.

The Evaluation & Approvals Committee will then meet to consider completed applications. Project applications can either be approved, rejected or deferred pending the receipt of additional information.

Projects that the Evaluation & Approvals Committee decide to support will be issued with a Letter of Offer that outlines the terms & conditions relating to drawdown of support.