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The Everywhere International SMEs (EIS) project brings together nine partners from seven regions across Europe. The EIS project aims at promoting excellence in regional business support systems for internationalising SMEs by sharing and embedding best practices to enable more SMEs to expand their business across borders.

The Everywhere International SMEs (EIS) project was formed out of a recognised regional and European need to encourage more SMEs to internationalise as a central pillar of the post crisis recovery to cement sustainable growth in the EU. The EU’s Single Market of 500 million consumers and the growing opportunities offered by the global economy provide Europe’s SMEs with huge potential if they push their business goals internationally. An estimated 90% of global growth originates outside the EU. Developing and emerging markets are expected to account for 60% of world GDP by 2030. There is huge potential for EU-based SMEs.

SMEs are much more likely to survive in the globally competitive business climate if they internationalise. International SMEs are also more innovative than their stay-at-home cousins and more resistant to local and national crises.

As a result of the programme, significant results have been achieved - over fifty companies have attended export awareness workshops, 45 companies have completed Export readiness assessments using the Going Global Assessment tool and 35 companies have completed a Gateway to Growth programme, which has allowed them to develop a more strategic approach to going global and the internationalisation of their products and services. 

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