Donegal Businesses Urged to get Brexit Ready


Brexit Event Image

With just over 75 days until Britain leaves the European Union, Donegal businesses are being urged to prepare for the inevitable changes that Brexit will bring. A series of events hosted by Donegal Local Enterprise Office this month will look at what businesses must do to be Brexit ready, including a dedicated Brexit Day on October 21st which will feature online talks with a range of experts. Attendance is free but early booking is essential.

Michael Tunney, Head of Enterprise Donegal, says: “From 1st January 2021, the UK will no longer be in the Single Market or Customs Union, which means how we trade with them will be very different. As we move towards the final stages of 2020, Local Enterprise Office Donegal has a range of supports available to help local businesses prepare for Brexit. Our dedicated national Brexit Day which we are organising on behalf of the Local Enterprise Network under the Enterprise Europe Network( EEN), will help guide businesses through the necessary steps and identify the key actions they must take to prepare for the substantial changes that will arise on 31st December 2020.”

“We’re reinforcing the need for business to take action now to prepare for the complexity of change surrounding Brexit” Michael adds. “The EEN ‘Are you Brexit Ready” event will examine the Customs’ processes and procedures so that businesses understand what change is required. There will be a series of online talks on issues critical to business, covering key topics including an update on the Brexit negotiations, the effect on trade with Great Britain and Northern Ireland, and the logistics around importing goods. A number of companies including the Mc Menamin Group, Killygordon will also give their perspective on preparations to date, highlighting the challenges they faced and the actions they took to overcome them. As a follow-up we are also  organising one-to-one meetings with BREXIT experts on Noveber 12th”.

“Regardless of a hard or soft Customs’ Brexit, goods to and from the UK – or transiting through the UK – will be subject to strict compliance and documentation requirements” says Michael. “So, we’re hosting "Prepare Your Business for Customs" workshops to help businesses better understand how export and import customs will impact trade with the UK as a ‘Third Country', how tariffs work and the need to correctly classify your goods. The workshops are hosted by Lorna Kelly of BDO Customs & International Trade Services and will help businesses become familiar with the customs compliance requirements that will affect their company, on trading with the UK, outside the EU. They will also help to identify the urgent tasks and applications needed to mitigate costly delays and penalties.”

Full event brochure and booking details available here

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