Donegal Creative Industries Skills Audit

Creative Industry Skills Audit Header

Local Enterprise Office Donegal is conducting a skills’ audit of Donegal’s creative sector to help develop a thriving creative and digital economy in the county. The audit will help Creative Coast Donegal to establish a baseline of information about creative sectors already operating out of the county.

Speaking about the audit, Michael Tunney, Head of Enterprise Donegal said:

The Creative Coast Donegal initiative was developed by Local Enterprise Office Donegal to build a strong creative and digital economy in the county, with businesses that are flourishing, confident, financially viable and willing to collaborate. All of these elements impact positively on our local economy in terms of job creation, as well as allowing businesses to be pro-active and competitive on an international stage. This audit will arm us with the information and insights we need to ensure we are being as efficient as possible in helping businesses in Donegal’s creative sector.

Adding to this, Grace Korbel, Business Advisor at the Local Enterprise Office Donegal, said:

As part of the Creative Coast Initiative, Local Enterprise Office Donegal will undertake a skills audit of a selection of 200 representative businesses working in the creative industries and operating from Donegal. The creative industry in Donegal is made up of a multitude of services and occupations including design, crafts, photography, advertising, marketing, and architecture and this audit will help us get deeper insights into the scope of the sector and the breadth of opportunity therein.

The audit will be carried out via an online survey which takes under five minutes to complete. Our main objective is to establish a baseline of information about creative sectors already operating out of Donegal which will help us inform the future development of specific sectors. I would encourage anyone who is working in the creative industries to sign up to the Creative Coast network and take part in the survey, so that we can ensure Donegal’s creative sector continues to grow with the correct supports.

Earlier this year, Sonya Lennon launched the newly revamped Creative Coast Donegal website. The website has become a hub for local creative entrepreneurs to grow and promote their work and business.