ACCELERATE – Driving Your Business Forward

Programme Aim

The overall aim of this programme is to provide owners and managers with the management, leadership, business skills and knowledge to achieve sustainability and growth in their business. The programme will help companies to effectively address their business challenges and improve and develop their business offering.


Programme Outcomes

After completing this programme the owner or manager will have

-   A practical set of tools and greater skills to improve each aspect of the business:

  • Leadership & Management,
  • Planning and Operations,
  • Marketing and Sales, and
  • Finance

-   Clear direction and plans for the future.

-   Confidence to manage the business effectively.


Programme Structure

  • Pre-programme      one-to-one site visit.

Workshop 1: Why am I in      business? (2 days: 15th & 16th Jan)

    • What is my vision for my business in the future?
    • What challenges do I face in getting there?
    • Where is my business now?
    • How will I sustain and grow the business?

Workshop 2: Finding and keeping customers (1 day: 5th Feb)

    • Defining your ideal customer groups
    • Identifying how to target customers for sales growth
    • Cost effective ways to increase profitable sales

Workshop 3: Continuous Improvement (1 day:5th Mar)

    • Creating and sustaining competitive advantage
    • Where in the business can added value be identified?
    • How can waste be minimised?

Workshop 4: Managing the Money (1 day: 2nd Apr)

    • Interpreting financial statements
    • Managing cash flow
    • Forecasting sales and profitability
    • Making provision for the unexpected
    • Identifying sources of finance
    • Benchmarking your business with your sector

Workshop 5: Selling for Profit (1 day: 7th May)

    • Selling more effectively
    • Converting prospects to customers
    • Increasing customer spend
    • Closing the sale
    • Cold calling.

Workshop 6: Being the Boss (1 day:4th Jun)

    • Understanding your leadership and management style
    • Managing staff performance for results
    • Communicating effectively with customers, staff and suppliers
    • Making yourself work more effectively
    • Managing the pressures
  • Mentoring
    • Up to six one-to-one mentoring sessions during programme.

Aimed at

The programme is aimed at owners, managers or key staff members of any business that has been established for more than 18 months.

Programme Duration       

Pre-programme one-to-one site visits will take place in early November prior to the commencement of the workshops which will be delivered thereafter at monthly intervals.                                        

Time:             9.30am – 4.30pm

 Venue:           Enterprise Fund Business Centre, Letterkenny

 Cost:              €200.00

To register or for further information, please contact Danny on 074 9160735 or e-mail