Donegal’s Female Food Entrepreneurs Collaborate Through Food Coast Donegal

Three talented female entrepreneurs from Donegal, who share a passion for the art of food production, have joined forces to create a unique culinary experience for food enthusiasts. Marianne O' Donnell from Kombucha Na Dálaigh, Sian McCann from Wild Fuschia Bakehouse, and Cindy Adamek from Coco Milis have recently collaborated to offer the "Donegal Wild Atlantic Flavours Workshop," an interactive and educational event that provides participants with valuable skills and knowledge about food production.

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During the workshop, which recently took place in Donegal, participants enjoyed hands-on learning opportunities while being immersed in the diverse and vibrant flavours of Donegal. Marianne O' Donnell, the expert behind Kombucha Na Dálaigh, shared her knowledge and techniques on brewing artisan kombucha, a fermented tea beverage known for its health benefits and unique flavours. Sian McCann, the creative mind behind Wild Fuschia Bakehouse, demonstrated how to create delicious scones and jam recipes, providing attendees with easy-to-follow techniques to recreate these treats at home. While Cindy Adamek, the master chocolatier of Coco Milis, guided participants through the process of crafting delectable bean-to-bar chocolate truffles, showcasing the artistry and creativity involved in chocolate-making.

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Due to the success of the first workshop, more workshops are planned for the future, providing food enthusiasts with the chance to participate in this unique culinary experience. The trio have also collaborated on Home Grown in Donegal, an artisan market that takes place on the second Saturday of every month in Revive, Dunfanaghy.

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Maura Toner, Food Coast Advisor with Local Enterprise Office Donegal said: “The collaboration between these three entrepreneurs, Marianne, Sian, and Cindy, was sparked by their participation in a study visit to the Academy of Food Marketing at Saint Joseph's University in Philadelphia, hosted by Food Coast Donegal. During the visit, the entrepreneurs gained insights into the latest trends and developments in food marketing, sales, business development, and supply chain management. They attended lectures from experts in the industry and visited prominent food businesses in the US, learning from the best practices applied there. The emphasis on collaboration was a key take-away from that study visit, so it is wonderful to see the seed of what was planted on that trip come to life in Donegal.”

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Marianne O'Donnell, one of the participants in the trip, expressed her gratitude for the opportunity: “I would like to say thank you to Food Coast Donegal and the Local Enterprise Office team for the opportunity to participate in the study visit to the Academy of Food Marketing in Philadelphia. Learning from esteemed food marketing experts and gaining first-hand experience by visiting successful food businesses overseas has been truly transformative for us as entrepreneurs. The trip ignited a spirit of collaboration among Cindy, Sian, and I and encouraged us to take the leap together! We are thrilled at the reception to our first workshop and look forward to putting on more events later this year.”

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Brenda Hegarty, Head of Enterprise Donegal, commended the collaboration and emphasised the significance of local food businesses supporting one another: “Food Coast Donegal aims to create an environment where local food producers, artisans, restaurateurs, and chefs can thrive, while showcasing the incredible flavours and diversity of Donegal's culinary offerings. Collaboration is a vital part of the food strategy for the county, and an event like the "Donegal Wild Atlantic Flavours Workshop" aligns perfectly with the objectives of Food Coast Donegal. We are already looking forward to the next workshop.”

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Food Coast Donegal is a regional branding initiative developed by the Local Enterprise Office Donegal, with a mission to promote and support the vibrant food scene in Donegal. The initiative aims to create a network of local food producers, artisans, restaurateurs, and chefs who collaborate to showcase the diverse and delicious culinary offerings of the region. For more information, please visit or email

The next "Donegal Wild Atlantic Flavours Workshop" takes place this Saturday, 19th August at  Corcreggan Mill in Dunfanaghy.

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