Delicious Donegal Collaboration Between Little Mammas Gelato and The Milk Bar

Two Donegal businesses have come together in a delicious collaboration to tantalise the taste buds. Donegal Town-based Little Mammas Gelato and The Milk Bar in Carrigans have joined forces to create a range of irresistible frozen gelato made with Donegal milk, ensuring the highest quality and freshness in every scoop.

Founded by Jon Geary, Little Mammas Gelato is renowned for its artisanal and handcrafted gelato. Jon is now making gelato using milk from The Milk Bar, which is based in Carrigans, and was founded by Shannon Porter. The Milk Bar offers tasty pasteurised fresh milk from an on-farm vending machine, as well as a selection of milkshakes, which can be enjoyed on-

Little Mamma’s brings Italian-style, handmade gelato to Donegal, while dairy farming is in Shannon’s blood; the milk used for the ice cream is sourced from Shannon’s family farm, which has been run by her parents since the 1990’s. Sustainability is a priority for both businesses and this collaboration sees them using local produce to help reduce their carbon footprint.

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The collaboration between Little Mammas Gelato and The Milk Bar began when Jon and Shannon crossed paths at the Donegal Enterprise Awards last December, which are run by Local Enterprise Office Donegal. Their shared passion for exceptional food experiences and sustainability sparked a conversation that ultimately led to them working together. Both Jon and Shannon are proud members of Food Coast Donegal, an initiative that promotes and celebrates the diverse culinary offerings in the county.

Milk Bar

"We are absolutely thrilled to collaborate with The Milk Bar and incorporate their high-quality milk into our gelato," said Jon Geary, founder of Little Mammas Gelato. "The Milk Bar's dedication to producing exceptional dairy products aligns perfectly with our commitment to using the finest ingredients in our gelato. We are excited to work together to create unique and delightful flavours for our customers, from Donegal and beyond, to enjoy."

Shannon Porter, owner of The Milk Bar, echoed Jon's sentiments, stating, "I’m delighted to partner with Little Mammas Gelato and have our milk featured in their delicious ice cream. We take great pride in the quality of our dairy products, and this collaboration allows us to showcase our milk in an exciting new way. Together, we aim to provide an extraordinary frozen dessert experience for our customers and visitors to Donegal."

Brenda Hegarty, Head of Enterprise Donegal said: “Food Coast Donegal aims to create an environment where local food producers, artisans, restaurateurs, and chefs can thrive, showcasing the incredible flavours and diversity of Donegal's culinary offerings. Collaboration is a key part of our food strategy for the county. As members of Food Coast Donegal, Little Mammas Gelato and The Milk Bar are committed to promoting the vibrant food scene in Donegal. This collaboration represents their dedication to showcasing local flavours and supporting fellow entrepreneurs within Donegal, which is exactly what Food Coast Donegal is all about. I’ve also had the pleasure of tasting their gelato and it’s delicious; I wish them both continued success together.”

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Pictured are Food Coast Donegal members and stakeholders at the official launch of The Food
Coast Donegal Strategic Review and Recommendations for Future Development and Delivery 2023 – 2026 in Castle Grove Country House Hotel.

Little Mamma’s Gelato and The Milk Bar are clients of the Local Enterprise Office, Donegal and members of Food Coast Donegal.

Food Coast Donegal is a regional branding initiative which was developed by the Local Enterprise Office Donegal. 

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