Secora Consulting Announced Overall County Winner at the Donegal Enterprise Awards

Donegal Enterprise Awards 2021 - Secora Consulting

Secora Consulting - Overall Winners of the Donegal Enterprise Awards 2021

The Donegal Enterprise Awards took place last Friday and celebrated the resilience and brilliance demonstrated by Donegal businesses across a range of sectors over the past two years. Organised by Local Enterprise Office Donegal, the awards celebrate the achievements of Donegal’s small business community as they grappled with a host of challenges, from dealing with the fallout of Brexit, to navigating a global pandemic and everything in between. This year’s overall county winner and the winner of the Best-Established Business Award was Secora Consulting, a business set up by Phil Graham and Philip Close to assist people with their cyber security needs. Judges were impressed with Secora Consulting’s success to date and their global ambition to scale and grow.

Donegal Enterprise Awards 2021

Pharma Integrity was the runner up in the Best-Established Business category. Richard and Olivia Finney of New Kid Coffee were awarded Best Start-Up and Catherine Devine’s Pumpskynz won the Runner-Up award in this category. Citadel Gymnastics won the Best Donegal Adaptation Enterprise Award and Liz Doherty from I Teach Trad won Best Donegal Enterprise Innovation Award. Michael O’Donnell of Atlantic Treasures won Best Donegal Export Enterprise Awards, while Bridget and Hugh Wilhare of Mulroy Bay Mussels won The Food Coast Enterprise Award. James Cuddihy and the team from Welditz celebrated winning the Donegal Engineering Cluster Enterprise Award, while James Doherty of Greeble won The Creative Coast Enterprise Award.

Speaking about the awards, Chief Executive of Donegal County Council, John McLaughlin, said: “Congratulations to everyone who put themselves forward for the Donegal Enterprise Awards this year, and to the overall county winners, Phil and Philip of Secora Consulting. The Donegal Enterprise Awards are about showcasing the innovation, creativity, and development potential across the micro and small business sectors in Donegal. Small businesses are the backbone of our economy, and it's the businesspeople of Donegal who have the vision, strength, and determination to build scalable enterprises that make our local economy thrive. I wish the finalists and winners continued success for the future.” 

Adding to this, Jack Murray, Cathaoirleach of Donegal County Council, said: “Small businesses, sole traders and start-ups faced unimaginable challenges over the past 18 months; some had to pivot their business, or close their doors for months, while others decided it was the perfect time to start a new venture. Either way, small business owners showed courage and took the opportunities to adapt, change and respond to the obstacles provided by challenges like Brexit and the pandemic. The Donegal Enterprise Awards are a great way to recognise and reward their efforts.”

Michael Tunney, Head of Enterprise Donegal, said the standard of applications for this year’s awards was exceptionally high: “It was great to see such a high standard of applications coming through this year, and it’s a very positive indicator for the future of business in the county. Congratulations to everyone who put themselves forward for the awards, and to our overall county winners, Phil and Philip of Secora Consulting. We wish them all the best as they go forward now to represent Donegal in the National Enterprise Awards in 2022.”