Student Enterprise

Through the national Schools Enterprise Programme, Local Enterprise Offices work with teachers and students in second level schools to develop an enterprise culture in the county.

Student Enterprise Programme

This initiative seeks to develop in young people a curiosity for innovation. We try to enhance their natural skills and competencies by giving them the knowledge and opportunity to be creative in enterprise so that they can successfully manage personal, community and business opportunities, including working for themselves.

We believe that enterprise should be fun, exciting and hands on and we run a range of programmes based on a ‘learning by doing’ approach.  Students can set up and run their own schools business through the Student Enterprise Awards Competition and through the Enterprise Focus Days they get to meet and learn from real entrepreneurs and business people.

Participating students create small businesses, on their own or in groups of up to five people. Follow this link to find out more about the student enterprise awards:

For further information on our support for schools enterprise please contact the office on 074 91 60735