Enterprise Europe Networks

Enterprise Europe Networks are hosting a 'Bridging Borders' event in March.

  • Are you are an ambitious business looking to develop new products and services?  By using the technical or commercial expertise from the Enterprise Europe Network we can help you get your idea or product to market fast.  From 2008 – 2014 the Network helped 2.8 million SMEs to innovate and grow internationally.
  • This event will offer a range of opportunities for businesses to collaborate, innovate and prosper. The Creative Industries sector covers a wide spectrum from digital software, through film and television to arts and crafts. Interested businesses from all sectors are welcome. 
  • The event consists of presentations in the morning followed by the pre arranged face to face meetings as chosen by you.

 For a full event outline and further information, Click the link below

Enterprise Europe Networks.docx (size 34 KB)