Priming Grant

A Priming Grant is a business start-up grant available to micro enterprises within the first 18 months of start-up.

What Rules Apply?

  • The maximum Priming Grant payable must not exceed 50% of the investment up to a maximum amount of €75,000 excluding VAT.
  • Grants over € 80,000 up to €150,000 may be awarded in exceptional cases, where projects clearly demonstrate the potential to graduate to the Enterprise Ireland portfolio / export internationally.
  • Eligible costs include: Capital items, Salary Costs, Rental/Accommodation Costs, Utility Costs, Marketing Costs, Consultancy Costs, and Business Specific Training.
  • A maximum grant of up to €15,000 per full time job will apply to high value jobs attracting over €40k salary. Appropriately scaled back grants will be offered in accordance with proposed salary for lower paid positions.

How Do I Apply?

If you are interested in applying for a Priming  Grant you should firstly check the  to see if your business qualifies for funding (if you are unsure please contact us directly on 061 557499 or email Applications are considered on a case by case basis.

Before submitting an application, you will need to complete a Grant Expression of Interest Application so we can assess your needs. A member of our staff will be in contact with you to discuss the next steps.

Click here to complete Grant Expression of Interest Application.


2023 - Relevant Dates for submission of LEO Limerick Projects:


Final Dates for Submission to LEO                                 Evaluation and Approval Panel Meeting Date   

Friday 31st March                                                                         Tuesday 25th April

Friday 26th May                                                                             Tuesday 20th June

Friday 30th June                                                                           Tuesday 25th July

Friday 8th  September                                                                  Tuesday 3rd October

Friday 3rd  November                                                                  Tuesday 28th November