Priming Grant


Priming support is a business start-up grant to help fund the cost of starting a small business in Limerick. It is for new businesses within the first 18 months after start up.

How to Apply

It is important to contact a business advisor for guidance before you submit your application form. Telephone 061 557499 for more information.

Application Form

Access and complete online New eForm Priming Grant .pdf (size 3.2 MB) and return with the completed financial projection spreadsheet: Financials Spreadsheet .xls (size 59.9 KB)

This financial support is designed to provide a flexible suite of supports to LEO clients and potential clients. & LEO FI Brochure NEW.pdf (size 1.8 MB) our brochure on LEO Financial Supports.

Business Plan

Please note that a comprehensive and up to date business plan is required with each funding application. Click here to download the Template.  

Applications should be typed and submitted with supporting documentation as follows: one copy by email to and a hard copy delivered/posted to our office.

The Process

It is necessary to meet with a business advisor following submission of your application. Once the application is considered to meet all the application criteria, it will be considered at the next meeting of our Evaluation and Approvals Committee.

Draw down of funding

Information will be provided on the draw down process at the time of accepting the offer of funding.

If approved, grant funds are not paid retrospectively (i.e. not paid on expenditure paid by the business owner prior to receipt by a LEO executive of the approved application documentation).

Capability Development

Clients are strongly encouraged to participate in the various business and management skills development offered by the Local Enterprise Office.

2020 - Relevant Dates for submission of LEO Limerick Projects


Final Dates for Submission to LEO:

Evaluation and Approval Panel Meeting Date

24th January

Tuesday 18th February

11th March

Friday, 3rd April

24th April

Tuesday 19th May

29th May

Tuesday 23rd June

24th July 

Tuesday 25th August

11th September

6th October

23rd October

Tuesday 17th November